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As I have said before, I love reading other blogs.  So here are some of the things I have run across today that I like.  Rufus has alerted us all to the fact that it is okay to beat up your girlfriend in Ohio via a post by This is not Over .

  Mr. Andvodka would like it if we could all stop being mean to Ashlee Simpson (but if you get a chance, bid on his attempt to sell his blog to the highest bidder).

Mr. Poon went ahead and ruined all of our future lives in one fatal swoop.  Thanks for dashing one of my few positive dreams about litigation.

Also in sad news – The Hot Librarian has been discovered by a vicious ex who has threatened to expose her.  I am offended by this because it seems to be a manipulative and abusive use of his  previous position in her life.  Sometimes I hate boys.  Oh, the dark and evil side of the world wide web.

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The Perfect Summer

I stayed out too late. I got up too earlier. I drank a lot of scalding hot black coffee and cold clear beer. I took freezing cold showers. I took very hot showers. I took the LSAT in Boulder on a monday afternoon. I took a lot of pictures. I watched it snow in late May.

I drove more than a couple of thousand miles that summer. I hiked close to a hundred miles over many hours. God taught me how to walk and at the same time be still. He taught me how to be quiet and enjoy the scenery. I ate a lot of peanut butter toast, snickers bars, and hot tamales. I went on the perfect date. I stood on top of a mountain I had climbed and surveyed the world from the top. Then I did a handstand on that mountain. I drank a lot of water. I read a few choice books. I danced the night away. I watched falling stars with people I cared about a great deal. I learned how to manually score a game of bowling. I sat at the bar and discussed life for many hours with older, wiser people than myself. I watched friends struggle with themselves. I learned how to work a credit card machine. I watched a lot of people get married. I listened to music that filled my soul and haunts me to this day (and will probably haunt me forever). I missed my home.

Every day of that summer I looked up into the sky and was arrested by the blue, blue, blueness and thought about how I was the luckiest person in the world. I wore my red shoes every day. The sun was fierce, the shade was chilly, the thunderstorms were full of hail, but there was never enough rain to stop the fires. The smoke blew in and turned the moon to blood. There were no fireworks on the fourth of july that year. I learned what it really meant to fear the flame. I learned a lot about a lot of things that summer.

I learned who I was, in a place where no one knew me before I got there.

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