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Happy 2005!

Last night was tons of fun. Not necessarily a night I would like to have on a regular basis, but one that I will remember for a long time. I didn’t lose anything (so far as I know), and I am sustained minor bruises and scraps – mostly due to the fact that I walked home barefoot through the east village. I wanted to walk all the way home barefoot from Chelsea, but it was too cold and even though my shoes were painful; the cold, wet ground was worse (and I hadn’t had enough to drink numb the pain).

But I do love New York. Even though there are a lot of people here that are entirely too much for me, and even though the only way I could live here was if I could have a house in the middle of central park, I still really like to visit.

I don’t know what I want to do with my life. I do know some wonderful people that I know I want to be in my life. But I don’t know where those people are going to end up – and I know that there are lots of other wonderful people out there that I haven’t met yet that I also want to be in my life.

I don’t have any serious thoughts about what I want out of this year. I can honestly say that 2004 was probably the most wonderful year of my life so far – with severe ups and severe downs. But the downs weren’t really that bad and all resolved themselves well – and the ups are incredible memories that I will have forever.

p.s. Tonight we decided what foods we all were. here is the list.

In everyday life:
Mary Beth – Vanilla cupcake with pink frosting.
Libby – Warm Honey Ham (baked) with cherry glaze
Jennifer – Pineapple (whole pineapple – spiky on the outside, sweet beyond compare inside).
Emily – Pretzel – bendy and salty.
Charlsie – chocolate chip cookie (sweet, with delicious morsels scattered throughout).

For Breakfast:
Mary Beth – muffin (close to cupcake)
Emily – biscuit (warm and buttery)
Libby – crispy bacon
Jennifer – cut pineapple
Charlsie – big bowl of grits

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