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B to the E…

Okay, so I sent out a mass email to let people know about this new product, which I learned about here. I’m not sure why I felt the need for the email, but I did. And I got some pretty good responses. This is what the original email said:

I found this a bit upsetting. Ian, it looks like something you would enjoy. I think we should boycott bars in athens that serve such (I’m convinced the law school could put a bar out of business pretty easily). I mean, you all know how much I love caffeine, and how much I adore alcohol, but still, everything in its proper place.

Here is some of the feedback I received:
From Jessica: I actually think I might be in support of this new product, so long as it tastes like beer not some fruity junk.

Which was quickly answered by Lee Anne: Hey Charlsie -I forwarded the Budweiser thing to some friends, and got this response from one who has already tried it. Thought you might want some feedback…Lee Anne

Lee Anne’s Friends Response:
Don’t you worry we already got this shit in the hoods of Tampa! I tried it, in fact I tried two…..tastes like Beef Stroganoff with a hint of lime
Stick to Red Bull and Vodka, trust me!

About the same time received this email from Travers:
I’ll stick to my Red Bull and Vodka. And to "boycott" bars in Athens that serve Bud E……Cmon Charlsie, that’s the most retarded thing I have ever heard. You consume more caffeine than the lady at the DMV who has 19 Mountain Dews everyday.Your loving Brother,Travers

And my favorite response is from Emily Wolf’s boyfriend, who is from Milwalkee, the home of one of my closest friends, Miller:
Not only would Miller never do that, remember, they have never come out with a low-carb beer. Why does Miller Lite have lower carbs than bud light…..because it is not RICE water. It isn’t rocket science…..pass this on wolfie!!!!

And Ian has his own thoughts here. 

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Mail orders

I have wasted so many hours of my life listening to how the brown cat mail order system works for the Widespread Panic shows at the Fox in March, I am curious as to how many people actually got tickets, and if you did get tickets, from where you sent the mail order. As far as I know, there was only one mail order that wasn’t returned in Travers’ (my brother) group of friends, and the golden ticket belongs to Cash, Travers roommate and best friend (the order was sent from Athens, on the first day possible, friday maybe?). So Travers and Cash are going to the Fox.

Tell me what happened to your poor little mail order and if you didn’t find a golden ticket in the wonka bar, what you plan to do with the money order that was returned to you.

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