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I love it…

Ian really makes me laugh. I’m excited that he has found new inspiration for his blog, because there has been a noticeable absence in my life lately. We found out the other day that law school prom is going to be in Watkinsville, and everyone is a little upset by this. Thoughts from Ian:

Long story short, it’s in Watkinsville, notable for the fact that it’s not Athens. Likely scenario for a 1L asking out a date:

1L: Say, you’re out of my league. Care to make me look less uncool in the eyes of others by going to Law Prom?

Girl: Well, I got asked out to the Tri-Kap formal in Charleston, and all Trotter has to offer me is a huge car, daddy’s money and unlimited free time. But I’ve never spent someone’s student loan money before, so what the hey! It’s a date.

1L: Great. You know you’re driving, right?

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