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I was making a sandwich today at my house (I’m in augusta) out of some chicken that my mom cooked last night.  Bella was boring holes in my back (or the back of my legs maybe) while I was doing this.  So, being in a benevolent mood, I gave her a little taste of chicken.  This will probably be the last time this happens. 

Once Bella had that one taste of chicken she was hooked, and wouldn’t leave me alone.  I had another little piece left over that fell out my sandwich when I put it in the toaster, so I gave her that little piece too.  I thought this was sweet of me, but in reality Bella saw this as me catering to her needs, and decided that this should be my new role in her life.   In other words, she had me wrapped around her finger. 

Bella was  standing in the middle of the kitchen, with a huge string of drool hanging down from her right jowl.  I had just washed my hands and I did not feel like wiping the drool off her face, but the kitchen had just been mopped, and this was concerning to me. 

Me: " Bella, that is gross, you shouldn’t be sitting there drooling all over the clean floor, I’m never going to give you another piece of chicken if you don’t stop drooling. "

To which Bella responded by looking right, and sucking up the huge string of drool back into her mouth. I thought I was hallucinating.  But I promise you that it happened.  Then  she started to whine and bark at me. 

This leads me to a few conclusions –
1.  She understands a lot more than she lets on. 
2.  She doesn’t do 90% of the things I tell her to that she understands. 
3.  She really loves chicken. 

While I was eating the sandwich she kept licking my feet – which drives me crazy.  I was sitting in her chair, so I think this might have been her passive aggressive way of trying to get me to move.  When I put my feet up on another chair, she began to bark at me. 

I’m telling you, she and I are on thin ice.  I’m thinking about breaking up with her.  She tries her best to take advantage of me, and I’m not sure I need dogs like that in my life. 

Mama said she doesn’t do this to her, but that it is because Mama doesn’t give Bella little tastes while she is preparing food.  Idiot dog, she should learn that if she can at least be happy with a little bit, that she will receive that little bit a lot more often – but when she gets grabby, she loses opportunities.   Sigh.  I’m sure I never act like that.  (ha).

(p.s. I am so happy about all the recent comments, they make me real happy, and it makes me happy that y’all are reading.  I promise I will try real hard to be better about posting.  miss y’all). 

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