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GapeachGeorgia Peaches  and tomatoes.            Tomatoes_1

Dipped Ice Cream Cones from Dairy Queen


Sparkling Pink Lemonade – I l ove anything carbonated! This is especially good if you put it in the freezer for a little while. 

  The Coleman Party Dock – easily fits six people – best $40 I have spent all summer. 


     Sunshine Bakery – the greatest sandwich place in america – thankfully located in downtown Augusta, Ga. 


          San Pellegrino – my favorite sparkling water – amazingly refreshing and enjoyable.  I love bubble water. 

Yawn.  I also love miller light and prosecco wine.  Oh, and the air conditioner in my car.  And the man at the service station that got the screw out of my tire and plugged it for me.  I love him a lot. 

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I apologize for dropping off the face of the earth with regards to my blog.  I finished work in Rome last week and since then, besides a couple stops in the ATL, I  have been in the mountains with my family and friends. 

Now I am in Augusta, and I have a terrible cold.  A terrible summer cold.  I think I might be dying.  All I want to do is cough, but it hurts when I cough. 

But I have been hanging out with Bella and Bo.  They are precious.  And I have been catching up on my primetime in the daytime on TNT. 

They cut all the trees down in my parent’s backyard, which is upsetting.  Maybe I will post some pictures later.  Hold your breath.  Then you will know what I feel like right now with this cold. 

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