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Game Week

Football season  is exhilarating.  Yesterday my mom and I bought all the red solo cups and plates that target had to offer in anticipation of the tailgating.  We reasoned that by the time we actually need the cups and plates, they will all be gone and we will be left with yellow and blue solo cups and plates.  This is unacceptable.  Christy told me the other day that I was an over the top individual, and that this was my most attractive quality.  If this is the case, then I must be damn attractive during football season. 

Things I love about football weekend

1.  Worrying about what I am going to wear.  I spend all year looking for clothes I MIGHT want to wear to Georgia games, and all clothing that MIGHT be acceptable must be bought, even if it is January and deep down I know I’m going to want something different in August.  But when I find the perfect piece, it gets worn for years. 

2.  Spending  hours in deep thought about the logistics of the stadium, where I’ll be sitting, where my parents will be sitting, where my friends will be sitting, where the tailgates I must visit are in relation to where I’ll be sitting, which gate is the best one for me to enter, how early I need to enter the game, etc. 

3.  Eating dinner at the Last Resort EVERY friday night before a home football game.  This involves getting to the Resort around 6:30 on Friday night and sitting at the bar for two hours while waiting for a table.  This is fun because the whole state of Georgia has recently descended on the town and the first stop for 45% of them is the Resort.  While waiting, I have a hard time not getting a little drunk, and THEN I’m required to get the filet so the room will stop spinning, which leaves me very full and makes me tired, and then I have to rally because going to bed at 11 pm friday night during football season is unacceptable. 

4.  When I mentioned that sitting at the bar leaves me a little drunk, I want to stress how much this is not my fault.  Especially the first couple of games.  Now that all my friends from college are in the real world making money and not living in Athens, they sit around in their offices and dream and dream about football season and save their money for football weekends.  When football season actually gets here, they are so pumped about being back in athens and seeing everyone that they haven’t seen in years they feel that they MUST buy you a drink and you WILL drink it.  The good time feelings that go along with game weekend leaves everyone feeling generous and benevolent.  It is awesome – everyone in the bar is your best friend, and the bar is just a big party of old friends whose sentimental feelings about East West and North Campus overpower their senses and make them drunker than the miller light and jaeger ever could.  (this phenomenon wears off mid season – but while it lasts it is to be reveled in). 

5.  My parents stay at the same hotel every weekend, and it is the university hotel – which operates a little differently than other hotels.  For instance, my parents are always in the same room.  Even if they stay there in the spring time, they are still in the same room.  And apparently this is the way the hotel works, because my parent’s room is down the hall from Uga’s room.  So sometimes, if we are lucky, we get to ride down the elevator with Uga before the game.


7.  My precious little flask.  He is so cute and little (just enough for one drink at the game, for the atmosphere, not to get wasted – anyway, I like beer when I’m tailgating), and awesome.  I bought him in Italy, and he only holds bourbon.  He used to hold Jim Beam, but my mom told me that I was too old to drink rot gut liquor, and that she would give me ten extra dollars for me to buy Makers Mark, so now he only holds Makers.  I just found my bottle of Makers at my apartment the other day – my flask is so little it lasts for a long time. 

8.  Sarah Salter and all my albany friends.  My amazing friend Say-Rah comes into town for all the football games, rain or shine, and I love seeing her.  She always has the cutest clothes and fun jewelry, and I love her sweetheart Wes, and all his crazy friends.  Some of my happiest memories of all time are of sitting on the toolbox in the bed of Clint’s truck in the KA parking lot, after a victorious football game, drinking a cold miller light and listening loud music as dusk takes over Athens and ends a perfect day and leaves me grinning in the dark as Wes tries to make Sarah dance with him.  I want for nothing at such times. 

9. Waking up on Saturday morning, feeling like I didn’t get enough sleep, and that I didn’t need that last beer friday night, but laying in the bed and yelling – GAME DAY!!!!!  GAME DAY!!!!  WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!  (This tradition was started by Maggie and Lauren when we lived in the dorm and were woken up by our dates to the game calling to tell us that they just finished cleaning up the house from the band party and that they were going back to russell to take a shower and that we better be ready in 45 minutes). 

10.  The moment when the trumpet solo starts with that long note and the whole city goes silent and collectively catches it breath in the fall sunshine and my eyes fill up with tears and as I exhale into my $4 bourbon and coke the entire band joins the trumpeter into the Battle Hymn of the Republic / Glory, Glory to Ol’ Georgia  (which is the song sung at all real bulldog’s funerals and weddings), the greatest song in the WORLD. 

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My mom is in town helping me fix my apartment up.  She came in town last night, which was great timing – she was going to come today or tomorrow – but as it turns out rain is going to be a problem in the next 48 hours.  Any of you who know my mother don’t have to ask what we did last night – Accu-Kate and I drank wine and watched the weather channel.  Accu-Kate has been at Loch Laurel all weekend where there is no tv and had not had seen enough hurricane coverage – so we had to make up for lost time.  She woke me up at 8 this morning because the only tv that is set up at my apartment right now is in my room. 

We are both quite upset about this hurricane – here are some points of interest I’ve found:

Free Parking in Houston if you have a LA license plate
This really touched me.  I’ve never been to Houston, but everyone has such terrible things to say about it as a city, but right now it is my favorite city. 

There is no air conditioning in the Super Dome and two holes in the roof. 
Really?  No air conditioning?  Obviously this was a foreseeable problem, but not one that I thought about.  Marshall Seese just told me that there are between 9 to 10 thousand people in the Dome right now.  There IS electricity – from generators, but the generators can’t support the air conditioning. 

Speaking of generators, Governor Jeb just got on television to tell the morons in his state not to use generators inside.  He said this would be like driving your car into your house and turning it one.  Apparently a couple of people have already died from carbon monoxide poisoning. 

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I agree.  Honestly, New Orleans is such an amazingly unique place, I’m quite distressed at the current state of affairs. 

I have been following this blog about the  storm

This update is the one that hit me the hardest. 

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Fall is calling!

It actually feels fallish today.  Which is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. 

It is so amazing outside, everyone should be outside.  I’m going outside as soon as I get finished typing this.  Although I have to go to class at 12:30 for three hours, which is going to hurt me immensely – because no one should be inside today. 

I want nothing more out of life than days like this when the seasons change and I can be refreshed by the weather and the world around me, except maybe some choice companionship and a good book, and an occasional beer.

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Parents these days….

Cool things for yuppy parents who are worried about losing their children:

Philips SBC SC605 In-Touch Address Recorder for jittery parents

How much do I love that they have little devices that you can clip on your kid that will play back a recording of where the child lives and the phone number of the parents. 

Philips “No Kidding” wearables help parents track kids under the guise of fun and games

What is no kidding about this little gem is that children aren’t stupid, and I don’t think it is going to take very long for a kid to think it would be cool to leave their "toy" laying around and run off where no one could track him.  I mean really, it is cool that you know where your friends are, but it is also cool for your friend (and parent) to not know where you are.  For the ski slopes, I can maybe understand.  Otherwise, it seems like a terrible "toy" and one that I might possibly "break" by "accident." 

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Just in case you were interested in buying an American Express Gift Card, don’t do it.  Don’t. Do. It. 

American Express Gift Cards can not be shipped you via regular mail, and you are forced to pay for UPS. But they don’t tell you this.  It will give you an option to ship regular mail, but the card won’t get to you because, as a gift card it will be in another person’s name, and the USPS doesn’t deliver credit cards to people other than the person whose name is on the card.  But you can only ship the American Express Gift Card to the billing address of the card you use to buy it – so basically, you are screwed – American Express knows that it isn’t going to work – and let me tell you about getting your money back. 

They really wanted me to let them reissue me another card which they offered to ups to me for free.  But I don’t need the card anymore, it no longer serves the purpose I needed it for, and as such, I want my money back.  And if they send me the card, I can’t cash it, because it isn’t in my name. 

Okay.  Know how American Express Gift Cards and Traveler’s Cheques
claim that you can get your money back in 24 hours around the world?
Well, turns out not if you cancel the card.  If you cancel the card, it
takes up to 30 days (a whole billing cycle) to be refunded your money.
AND they charge you $10 to get it refunded and want to know your SS#, shoe size, and blood
type.  Also, the $14.95 that the card costs – on top of how ever much
you want to be on the card – this isn’t going to be refunded either.
They did tell me that they would file a claim asking for a waiver of
the $14.95 and the $10, but that they couldn’t guarantee that it would
be approved.

So basically, they sold me a product that they KNEW would never reach me, and charged me $25 that was non-refundable. 

Oh, and this doesn’t even get into the buyers protection program with the regular american express credit card, where supposedly they extend your warranty on electronics?  When my laptop that I bought using an American Express card broke, they sent me a check for how much they THOUGHT it should cost to fix.  Much less than the actually cost of repair. 

Whatever, I feel like I’ve been lied to.  Spread the word. 


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These are my wishes, and this has no bearing on how much I actually appreciate, I’ll do an appreciation post some other time, right now I am being completely detached and thinking about things I WISH.  Not things I NEED or even WANT.  Just passing fancies.  Just grandiose desires. 

I wish there was a way that I could hear the crickets and the frogs and the rhythmic summertime song going on outside my window without opening my window.  See, it is really hot, even at night, and opening a window is just not a good idea.  This really bothers me.  I want to be able to open the window. 

I wish I had a front porch on my apartment. 

I wish I knew the boys that were sitting on their front stoop their apartment  in my apartment complex drinking a beer when I got back from running today.  One of them was holding a law book, but I didn’t know them.  If I knew they were 1Ls I would introduce myself, but I couldn’t read the spine of the book.  But I wanted someone to sit on the stoop and drink a beer with this afternoon.  I had a long day.  I even had my own beer. 

I wish I was better at getting up in the morning.  I have class at 8:30 tomorrow. 

I wish I was more comfortable with uncertainty. 

I wish my friends were more comfortable with uncertainty. 

I wish gas didn’t cost so much. 

I wish it wasn’t so difficult to forgive yourself. 

I wish I had a picture iPod and XM radio. 

I wish Georgia would win the national championship for my last season as a student. 

I wish someone would clean my room for me. 

I wish I was more grounded in reality. 

I wish I lived on a lake in the mountains.  Lake Rabun, Lake Burton, Grand Lake, I don’t really care, just on a lake in the mountains.  (mmmm, lake rabun and burton have the best tasting water…)

I wish I never got wacky tan lines. i.e. places you missed with the sunscreen.   I hate tan lines.  But being tan is fun.  V. bad for you, but fun. 

I wish every town in America had a Bojangles. 

I wish someone would dry my hair for me in the morning while I was still asleep. 

I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller, I wish I had a rabbit in hat…..

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complements of Lil’ Jessie Najjar:

Waffle House’s gorge fest

As part of its 50th anniversary celebration (and perhaps in an
attempt to guarantee that at least one patron won’t live to see the
scattered, covered and chunked chain’s 51st birthday), Waffle House is
sponsoring a world waffle-eating championship. Taking place Sept. 4 at
Stone Mountain Park, the event offers up to $5,000 for the person who
successfully snarfs the most WH signature menu items into their piehole
in a set period of time. Interested parties are asked to register at
http://www.ifoce.com, the official Web site of the International Federation of
Competitive Eating.

While the organization doesn’t list the current world record for
waffle-inhalation, Buzz did learn that it’s humanly possible to consume
6 pounds of baked beans in less than two minutes, seven sticks of
salted butter in five minutes, and 3¸ pounds of pancakes and bacon in
12 minutes. And for the record, it took us just five seconds to pop a
Pepcid AC while typing this

Jessica said she was going to enter.  I’m going to sponsor her and get t-shirts made.  We were kind of thinking about getting a team together so they could train before hand.  Anyone else interested?  Maybe y’all can be "Charlsie’s Chompers."  I don’t know, it is just a thought. 

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dang it

I had a well thought out interesting post about my thoughts on how I was going to live the next year, and I deleted it by accident.  This really irks me. 

So instead, I will make this decision, out loud, for y’all to hold me to:

I will not let my fear of failure keep me from pursuing the things that I want to do.  I think fear has been holding me back for a long time, and this is something that has to change.  Just because I might not be the best at something, doesn’t mean that I don’t have something to contribute. 

Just because I’m not the MOST qualified doesn’t mean that I’m not qualified. 

And just because I know that my confidence and/or lack of confidence in certain areas is all in my head doesn’t mean that it doesn’t manifest itself in my decisions. 

Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean someone isn’t following me. 

Just because I think I’m hungover doesn’t mean I don’t have a fever.

Just because swatch watches are the best doesn’t mean I don’t secretly covet nike watches.  (OMG, Lenox is getting a SWATCH STORE!!  The ATL is moving up in the world of fashion). 

Just because people that hold hands on campus in broad daylight should be shot by a firing squad, doesn’t mean that holding hands is always bad (jennifer, feel free to disagree). 

Just because the heat index is 110 degrees outside, doesn’t mean that people don’t still drink coffee. 

Just because I’m taking 17 hours worth of class doesn’t mean that I’m going to study.  Okay, maybe I will.  Or maybe I’ll drop a class.  Did I tell you I’m taking 17 hours?  Last fall I took 12.  I’ve lost my everloving mind.  I think it is the heat. 

Just because my thoughtful post was deleted doesn’t exonerate me from the commitment I have to keep y’all updated on my thoughts.

This is my favorite time in the semester, only because exams seem so ridiculously far away and it doesn’t seem real.  I love it.  I’m in a fantabulous mood.  I might even go for a run in the heat. I could do without the heat.  92 degrees, feels like 99 degrees.  Looks like this:

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    I woke up Saturday morning and I felt awful.  And I mean awful.  I attributed this to having drank too many beers friday night.  But I had to get out of bed, at least long enough to climb into bed with Katie so we could buy Dolly Parton tickets.  She is coming to birmingham, and Katie moved to birmingham yesterday and abandoned me, but at least we get to go see Dolly.  I really, really, really love Dolly.  She is awesome and my hero since I was 4 years old. 
    So I get out of bed, and I feel terrible.  Katie and I decide that maybe we should eat something and we might feel better.  We go to zaxby’s, and it was miserable, because zaxby’s is really close to our house, and my car didn’t really have time to cool off before we got there, and my car has a hard time cooling off when it is sitting still, and the sun was beating down on us, and we thought we were going to die.  Once we get our big drinks and our chicken finger plates, we drive home, sweating. 
    As it turns out, I actually felt too bad to eat my zaxby’s.  Anyone that knows me very well, knows that my illness was very serious if I couldn’t even choke down some zaxby’s.  I couldn’t eat anything.  Watching people on tv eat anything even grosses me out.  So I start really thinking about how much I drank last night.  And I realize that there is no way that I drank enough to feel as bad as I am feeling, in addition, I don’t have a headache, or any real symptoms, I just feel like I am going to die.  Plus, my supposed hang over is getting worse, not better. 
    Turns out I have a fever.  When I finally checked it late in the day, it was over 101 degrees.  I haven’t had a fever in years.  Let me tell you, having a fever is no joke, it really puts you out of commission.  It was all I could do to climb back up the steps and get into bed.  I didn’t go back downstairs until sunday afternoon, and then only briefly before getting back into bed. 
    Luckily, my parents were in town, and Katie was packing, so they both took good care of me.   Of course, my mom comes three steps into my room and says, I’m not going to get any closer, because I don’t want whatever you have.  I was like, thanks mom, that is so loving of you.  But she did bring me chicken noodle soup, which really is just feel good food.  I couldn’t eat it until sunday afternoon, but it did make me feel better. 
    Mama also rented me a season of CSI, which I haven’t ever really watched, but I enjoyed it.  And I got a lot of sleep, and I am feeling much better today, which is good, because I was going to lose it if I had to lay in bed anymore.  I was getting quite bored. 

I think a lot of people are getting sick right now.  Anyone else not feeling well?  Anyone?  Anyone?

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