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Happiness and Mountains

When my plane landed in Denver, I had to catch my breath as  nerves started to build inside my chest.  Already things were not working out as planned, Libby missed her flight in New York and consequently I was sitting next to a man who was not interested in sharing the armrest instead of Libby.  Burger King did his best to cause me to miss my flight as well, but airtran in the ATL is a little more forgiving than airtran in LGA. 

I don’t know why I was nervous, because I hadn’t been to Grand Lake in over two years and because I have very strong feelings about the place.  It is like an ex boyfriendColorado in general shakes me up and makes me feel unstable to a certain degree.   I even gush about it sometimes

Friday was not the day I was expecting.  After taking the shuttle three hours to Grand Lake I got into Tommy’s car (I had intentions of taking Matt’s car, but whatdoyaknow, I’m not skilled in the stick shiftness)   and drove back to Denver to pick Libby up – she didn’t get in until 10 that night.  I actually really enjoyed the drive both ways.  Saturday, Sunday, and Monday all exceeded expectation and made up for anything that was lost on Friday (which I think was very little). 

So, wanna see what my trip looked like?  Yeah?  Click on the thumbnail if you want to see it bigger.


We hiked up to Bowen Lake in the Never Summer Wilderness.  I’m on the right, and I’m standing next to our new best friend James, and the guy on the left is Tommy, Libby’s brother. 

Grand_lake_056Libby and Andy found some pretty sweet visors for a dollar in town. 



More later, I gotta run. 

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