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My mom is in town helping me fix my apartment up.  She came in town last night, which was great timing – she was going to come today or tomorrow – but as it turns out rain is going to be a problem in the next 48 hours.  Any of you who know my mother don’t have to ask what we did last night – Accu-Kate and I drank wine and watched the weather channel.  Accu-Kate has been at Loch Laurel all weekend where there is no tv and had not had seen enough hurricane coverage – so we had to make up for lost time.  She woke me up at 8 this morning because the only tv that is set up at my apartment right now is in my room. 

We are both quite upset about this hurricane – here are some points of interest I’ve found:

Free Parking in Houston if you have a LA license plate
This really touched me.  I’ve never been to Houston, but everyone has such terrible things to say about it as a city, but right now it is my favorite city. 

There is no air conditioning in the Super Dome and two holes in the roof. 
Really?  No air conditioning?  Obviously this was a foreseeable problem, but not one that I thought about.  Marshall Seese just told me that there are between 9 to 10 thousand people in the Dome right now.  There IS electricity – from generators, but the generators can’t support the air conditioning. 

Speaking of generators, Governor Jeb just got on television to tell the morons in his state not to use generators inside.  He said this would be like driving your car into your house and turning it one.  Apparently a couple of people have already died from carbon monoxide poisoning. 

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