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Right now I am sitting on Cristina’s bed in the ATL.  I got my hair
cut today.  Kinda short.  I can’t tell if I’m devastated or if I love
it.  I always do this – this tragically dramatic haircut thing – only
because I can’t be bothered with getting my hair cut on a regular basis
– and as such, I have to get it cut a lot when I do finally get around
to making an appointment and manage not to miss the appointment. 

this is the shortest hair I have had in about a year.  Last October I
had really short hair, and it isn’t that short, but it is above my
shoulder short.  Cristina says she likes it.  She thinks my hair always
looks good.  Except during exams (shut up Cristina). 

Spanish Great Aunt is in town.  She is going to sleep in the bed I’m
sitting on right now.  She is a nun.  She doesn’t speak english.  I
don’t speak spanish.  But she got her first pedicure today, so I can
tell we are kindred spirits. 

Tomorrow I am going to Colorado
with Libby.  I can’t even talk about it I am so excited about seeing
her.  It has been months and months since I have seen her and I miss
her to pieces.  I also really excited about seeing the mountains in the
summertime.  Hyper-ventilation is in full effect. 

I’m taking
requests and suggestions about what I should do with my life.  I’m not
100% sold on the practicing law thing, and I need some back up
options.  Catherine Anne told me the other night that I need to find a
husband in the next year and then I will have a lot more opportunity
for vague endevors.  Maybe I should start holding try-outs for

As Scarlett would say – I’m not going to think about
that today, I’ll think about that tomorrow (or actually, I’ll think
about that next week). 

love y’all. 

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