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I need some help

Okay, I am in the process of destroying my apartment and trying to put it back together.  There are a couple of things that I seem to possess in excess, and which I have no idea what to do with.  So, any ideas would be greatly appreciated:

1.  CD Jewel Cases.  WTF?  I swear, there is a factory somewhere in my room that has been churning out these damn jewel cases, where they fill them with old cds that are either burned cds with no label or scratched cds of albums which I forgot I ever owned but cannot listen to due to their disreputable condition. 

2.  Orphan Socks.  The percentage of socks that get divorced in my apartment is much higher than the percent of people that get divorced in America as a whole.  I would like to do something about this upsetting problem, but I’m not sure how to stop them from running off into the dark under my bed and under the washer and dryer. 

3.  Picture Frames.  A few years back I stopped sitting picture frames around because they just collect dust unless they are hanging on the wall.  I have a few pictures around, but a precious few.  But that doesn’t change the fact that I have a million picture frames with pictures starting back in high school and the newest being from around five years ago.  I can’t throw them away.  What do I do with them?  Gah. 

Decisions, decisions.  Yawn. 

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