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You know, it isn’t my idea of a good vacation unless you come home with bruises, bug bites, a sunburn and a headache. 

The waves at Folly beach today were exceptional.  I haven’t had that much fun since Myrtos. 

I just have to say that my patagonia bathing suit once again came through in the clutch and that the roughest wave was no match. 

Let my tell you how fun it is to play chicken in the crashing waves.  More fun than you could handle.  But whoever is on bottom is sort of likely to drown. 

Sunscreen is so much less effective when the waves are throwing you into the ground. 

I have sand in my ear.  And my hair.  And my belly button.  Oh, and my teeth. 

Overheard today –

"I heard that Clemson graduates didn’t know how to light a firework and just ended up burning themselves."

"When playing horseshoes, giving advice to the other team is against the law.  I’ll hurt you if you do it again."

"You lucked out.  You are getting boogie board lessons from a myrtle beach native.  I usually cost more than you could afford."

"I really liked shotgunning that beer.  I kind of want to do it again."

"Go big or go home."

Okay – we are heading to cook some low country boil in the low country.  Hate you. 

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