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Well, Leon and I just got back from the ATL, which was quite traumatic.  I can safely say that I will have nightmares for years involving the Georgia International Convention Center. 

Last night was fun.  I made some new friends and got to act stupid with some old friends.  But of course we were still all pretty stressed out – it takes a little while to decompress. 

So that is what Leon and I are doing now.  Laying on the couch.  Decompressing.  I’m sleepy.  I went to borders this afternoon, which was a great way to decompress for me.  I love bookstores.  love love love. 
Have you ever met Leon before?  His full name is Napoleon, but he likes to be called Leon.  The hateful bar examiners wouldn’t let him accompany me into the exam.  But he was there with me in spirit.  And y’all were there with me in spirit.  Which meant a lot.  YAWN.

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