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What’s new in my life

I finally put my money where my mouth is and I now own a precious Wheaten Terrier puppy.  Her name is Briscoe, which is my great grandmother’s maiden name.  And it is also the name of the guy from law and order.  Hah.  Briscoe is tons of fun and very sweet and adventurous.  She likes to wake up a lot earlier than I do.  She is amazingly codependent and does not like being left alone or her crate.  She also isn’t too keen on her leash, but she likes to go on walks.  She is learning.  She will look very different when she is grown than she does now, right now she is reddish brown, but she will lighten up to a wheat color.  Hence the name.  These aren’t the best pictures – I think she is way cuter than this – but I promise more will come.  Here she is – Dsc00822 Dsc00827

Dsc00826 Dsc00821

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