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Some Links of Interest

Naked Man Saved From 12 Foot Alligator in Florida.  (not smart, but this sort of thing is my favorite thing about the state of florida.  Environmentally, the place is nuts.  Lightening strikes florida more than anywhere else in the world.  Cool.)

Secret Santa Faces Cancer. (This one is a few weeks old, but still touching.) 

11 Year Old Boy Tasered at School.  (Sounds like this kid deserved it.  The most amazing part is that after being tasered once, he attacked the girl again and had to be tasered a second time.  Wow.)

5 Year Old Boy Listed on Craigslist as "Free To A Good Home."  (Wow.  That is all I have.)

We All Need To Start Looking Into Real Estate On Other Planets – According to Hawkings.  (I think I’d rather be extinct than live in a space station where I couldn’t go outside.)

Drunk Driver Bites Cop.  (Awesome.)

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