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My sweet dear friend Robert, or as we like to call him – Bobby Bond, is leaving today for Japan.  He flys F-18 in the Navy and is very clever and talented.  Bobby is  excited about being at least half a foot taller than everyone in the general population and looks forward to eating a great deal of sushi.  He has been warned that if children start crying when he approaches them that it is only because they have never seen someone as big as him.  He is going to be catapulted off and landing on the USS Kitty Hawk Ussk for the next three years and stationed about an hour south of Tokyo.  The USS Kitty Hawk is out at sea right now – so Bobby will go straight to the boat from California with a brief stop at the base.  Everyone please keep Robert and all our other military people in your thoughts and prayers.  Remember that tomorrow is Veteran’s Day, which means I don’t have to go work and we should all find a Veteran to give a hug or a beer to.  Yay America!

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