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Hot Summer Nights

This weekend marks the beginning of summer as far as most people are concerned.  It is the first year of my life that I haven’t finished up a semester of school to start summer.  It is strange. 

I’ve had some amazing summers.  Summers that might never be matched, although I like to believe that things are always only getting better. 

Right now I’m sitting in my parents backyard, under the pergola.  The ceiling fans (even though I guess they aren’t technically on a ceiling) are blowing away the mosquitoes and the dogs are frolicking with their stuffed toys.  And I am thinking.  Libby and Elizabeth are coming over shortly to get into the hot tub, we’ve ordered a pizza and I’m drinking my first beer of the day out of a frozen mug.  Briscoe is trying to lick the condensation off my mug.  Bella is chewing on a bone.  Bo is rolling on the asphalt.  And I am thinking. 

Blue hydrangeas, especially ones that have been growing in sufficient shade to reach the perfect shade of blue, look beautiful when you use a miller lite bottle as a vase.   I know you don’t believe me, but I’m serious. 

As I was leaving eckerds today (on a side note, eckerds has been bought by another company, rite aid maybe? and at the end of June there will be no more eckerds) I got into my car and I was looking at my cell phone while I cranked up the engine. 

As I turned my head to grab my seat belt, I was startled by a man who had approached my window.  Anyone would have startled me, but this man had one eye (the other eye was mangled) and a scruffy beard and was quite frightening.  I jumped, and waved him away, backed up without putting my seat belt on, and tried to get away as quickly as possible.  I was shaking.  I was frightened.  And I was sad.

  Because I was across the street from the VA hospital, all I could think of was that this man didn’t always look so frightening (he was old), and was probably a vet, and it is memorial day weekend, and he probably gets similar reactions from everyone he comes in contact with.  I thought of how I would feel if everyone was frightened by my appearance.  And how much stock I put into my appearance.  It made me realize how vain I really am and how much I allow the world to decide my self worth by my appearance.  I shook all the way home. 

This is the first weekend since sometime in February that I haven’t had any plans.  I have had a couple of weekends where I did what I wanted to and didn’t have any obligations, and made my own plans, but there was always somewhere I SHOULD have been instead of where I was.  A party I was missing, a friend’s birthday, etc.  The next weekend where I don’t have any plans is in the middle of July. 

I might have a few plans this weekend.  Maybe tomorrow night or Sunday.  But nothing that has been in the works for more than a day or so. 

It hasn’t rained in a long time.  It worries me.  And there is a chill in the air at night right now.  Last night we sat outside at dinner and I was cold.  Which seemed weird.  Normally once it really gets hot, it stays hot and there is enough humidity to keep all the hot air in at night.  But without the humidity, it is cool at night. 

Cool enough to get in the hot tub?  Or the SPA as Trav is trying to make us call it? 

MAYBE!  Yay!  Elizabeth is here!  Happy Memorial Day Weekend and Happy Summer!

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Happy Friday!

I’m noticing that the pictures of Briscoe I posted below have a sort of serious tone to them.  Most of the time she looks like she is smiling.  She really is the cutest dog in america.  So I apologize for how sad she seems to appear, I will have to take some happier looking photos of her later. 

Having a dog is awesome.  I had my feelings hurt by a close friend earlier this week and I was sad and after playing with Briscoe for a little while I didn’t care anymore and I felt a ton better!  Everyone should get a dog. 

In other news, my sweet friend Betsy got engaged last night to her cute boyfriend Brad!  Yay for them!  I can say with full confidence that they are going to have good looking chil’ren. 

I went to the Greenjacket’s game last night and I am happy to report they won.  Dollar beers were enjoyed by all. 

There is a new petsmart commercial that involves a bulldog and a bulldog puppy and we have it tivoed and we watch it a lot.  It is really awesome.  I melt everytime I see it. 

Jennifer’s engagement party is this weekend which is really exciting. 

Yay!  It is friday!  Get excited!

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A Briscoe Update.

She likes the ivy – click here to see how much she has grown!



Oh, she loves the couch too. 


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Hate in their heart

I went to Nashville this past weekend for my sweet friend Sarah’s bachelorette party.  We had a wonderful time.   Friday afternoon I drove to the ATL and rode the rest of the way to Nashville with Cristina and Ben, who were going up for Steeplechase.  Cristina lives in a townhome in buckhead with her brother.  I met her at her house, we loaded everything up into Ben’s car, and left my car and Cristina’s car in the parking lot.  The parking lot was not crowded, and there was nothing to indicated that any of the parking spaces were specifically assigned to any particular townhome.  Shoot, there were barely lines drawn. 

Cristina told me that it didn’t matter where I parked, as there were not designated parking spaces. 

I rode back with the bachelorette girls, and yesterday afternoon when I arrived at my car there was a note on it that said:

"Whoever owns this car, I am calling to have it towed.  Paula Somethingorother Apt. B-1"  (the townhome I was parked in front of).    The note was dated Friday 5/11. 

As I am searching for my keys and feeling chastised for no good reason, a woman emerges from Apt. B-1.  We’ll call her Paula. 

Paula:  Is this your car?

Me:  Yes!  I’m so sorry about the car, my friend lives right there and she indicated that it was okay for me to park here and we’ve been out of town all weekend.  But I’m moving it. 

Paula:  Well, you know you can’t just park anywhere.  This is my parking space and even though I don’t live here all the time I don’t appreciate you parking in my spot.  (throws her hands up like she is exasperated)

Me:  Well, I apologize, but the spaces are not marked and there are no signs indicated that some parking is for residence and some parking is for guests. 

Paula:  There is plenty of parking down there, you could have parked down there.  (pointing in front of her neighbor’s house).  The spaces in front of each unit are assigned to that unit. 

Me:  Like I said, I had no way of knowing that this was not an acceptable place to park. 

Paula:  Well, it better not happen again, I had to park elsewhere this weekend, which I don’t appreciate. 


Now, what I want to to know is, did she really let the fact that I parked my car in front of her house ruin her whole weekend?  I get the feeling that she did.  She was waiting on me to come back to my car.  Plus, I think she might have had to walk an extra ten to fifteen feet because of my inconsiderateness.  She was older, but she didn’t look crippled.  Plus, I apologized immediately and was as polite as I could possibly be.  I just wonder, did it make her feel better to yell at me about it? Obviously nothing I could say was going to make it better.   How do people get through life if they let trivial things like parking spots eat them alive inside?  I hate being repremanded, it hurts my feelings.  Especially when I wasn’t doing anything wrong. 

Regardless, I’d have been mad as a hornet if she’d towed my car. 

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Hershey Kisses

If you eat a whole bag of Hershey Kisses, does it constitute a make-out?

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This morning the radio people were giving away a trip to Jamaica.  They asked a question, and then had people call in to answer the question.  The head DJ said that the winner would be the 17th caller with the right answer to the question.  And I thought it was a hard question. 

So does that mean that they answer the phone 17 times, then on the 17th time they ask the caller what the question is and if they get it right they win?

Or do they ask everyone whose call they answer the question, and the 17th person who answers the question correctly wins? 

Do 17 people have to answer the question correctly to get a winner?

Am I making sense?  Does this bother anyone else?

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It was orange and big and full.  And I’m still having crazy dreams.  I know y’all get tired of me writing about them, but I can’t help it. 

Last night the people in my dream where Libby and Robert – Libby and I had met Robert somewhere to go skiing.

Oh, and Emily was in my dream too, Emily lived in the place where we were skiing.  It was a really small town, and it was my birthday, but my birthday cake said happy birthday jennifer, and I ate the whole thing.  It was a little cake.  Something scandalous had just occured in the town and all the locals were kind of on edge.  And Emily wanted to tell us about the scandal but couldn’t because we were in a crowded restaurant. 

  Then Robert had to go back to Japan, and Libby and I were going to continue our travels to my parent’s mountain house.  And there were new  ski resorts being built on the side of the mountain that you could see from the road- but they didn’t look right, they looked like a fair being set up on the side of the mountain with lots of big colorful tents and stuff, and chairlifts.

But then Libby realized that she had to be somewhere else and caught a ride back somewhere and I continued on to the mountain house by myself.  It was at my parent’s mountain house, but it didn’t look like our mountain house and it was in Colorado instead of Georgia.   

And Briscoe was at the house with me, and for some reason she had to stay in the basement (the real house doesn’t have a basement). So I was suppose to be with Libby, but I was alone with Briscoe.  And Mama kept calling to check on us, and I didn’t want to tell her it was just me in the house by myself in the woods because I knew it would bother her, but I also didn’t want something to happen to me. 

And then all the sudden there was a knock at the door that scared me to death.  Briscoe had somehow or another gotten out of her cage in the basement and out of the house and a nice neighbor had found her. 

That is all I can remember. 

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–  Have a mosquito bite on the inside of the wrist. 

–  Put a heavy overnight bag on a sunburned shoulder.

–  Get into a car that has been baking in the hot sun.

–  Need to put my hair in a ponytail because it is making the back of my neck hot and sticky. 

–  Walk barefoot on hot pavement.

–  Drink beer quickly before it gets too hot. 

–  Eat homemade strawberry ice cream directly out of the churn. 

–    Feel hot water run on your toes from a garden hose that has been laying in the sunshine. 

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Office Chatter

Me:  I want to hook diet coke up to an IV

Heather:  I’m pretty sure if I were to be cut I would bleed diet coke at this point.

Me:  NICE.

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Night before Last

(I thought I posted this yesterday, but I only posted it as a draft.  Opps.  My dreams last night were even wilder, possibly too wild to describe).

I dreamed some crazy dreams.  This is all very jumble, but – I was at UGA – and it was homecoming.  Ant there were all these homecoming events that never actually took place when I was there.  And we were looking at some pictures of my parents from when they were at UGA.  Homecoming pictures.  Which is weird. 

Then it turns out that I am part of some sort of covert operation, there are bad guys, and I’m with the good guys and we are trying to foil their plans or something.  We are trying to get pictures inside this place, and we are trying to make sure they don’t know who we are.  But I know who the bad guys are and I’m pretty certain they know who I am as well – or at least some of them do.  Either way, I’m trying to keep a low profile. 

So I end up getting stuck in the bad guys headquarters, but they don’t know I’m there – I’m hiding.  And I hear some stuff and take some pictures and I really need to get out of there to get back with the other good guys.  And the headquarters is in a public place, like a mall or something. I’m able to sneak out of the restricted area I’m not suppose to be in, but then I have to nonchalantly walk to my car, but I don’t know where my car is – or even if it is there at all.  But I do have my keys and my pocketbook.  While I’m wandering around trying to get the hell out of there before I’m spotted and still keep a low profile a public transportation bus pulls up.  Since I’m so anxious to get out of there I hop on the bus, thinking maybe this is the best way to blend. 

I’m on the bus, trying to act normal, and the guy sitting next to me starts harassing me.  Like, trying to dig through my backpack, and grab my ankle and stuff.  And I know he is one of the bad guys – I recognize him.  I’m freaking out, and trying to get away, and I yell to the driver that I’m being molested, and the driver says he will call the police for me, but I don’t want to get the police involved, because I’m trying to keep a low profile, and I keep trying to stand up and move to another seat and the driver keeps telling me I can’t stand up when the bus is moving so for me to sit down and shut up or he is going to call the police anyway.  And the bad guy is like, yeah, call the police. 

And then I woke up. 

Obviously I have an overactive imagination.  I need to get a grip. 

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