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Happy Friday!

I’m noticing that the pictures of Briscoe I posted below have a sort of serious tone to them.  Most of the time she looks like she is smiling.  She really is the cutest dog in america.  So I apologize for how sad she seems to appear, I will have to take some happier looking photos of her later. 

Having a dog is awesome.  I had my feelings hurt by a close friend earlier this week and I was sad and after playing with Briscoe for a little while I didn’t care anymore and I felt a ton better!  Everyone should get a dog. 

In other news, my sweet friend Betsy got engaged last night to her cute boyfriend Brad!  Yay for them!  I can say with full confidence that they are going to have good looking chil’ren. 

I went to the Greenjacket’s game last night and I am happy to report they won.  Dollar beers were enjoyed by all. 

There is a new petsmart commercial that involves a bulldog and a bulldog puppy and we have it tivoed and we watch it a lot.  It is really awesome.  I melt everytime I see it. 

Jennifer’s engagement party is this weekend which is really exciting. 

Yay!  It is friday!  Get excited!

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