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Night before Last

(I thought I posted this yesterday, but I only posted it as a draft.  Opps.  My dreams last night were even wilder, possibly too wild to describe).

I dreamed some crazy dreams.  This is all very jumble, but – I was at UGA – and it was homecoming.  Ant there were all these homecoming events that never actually took place when I was there.  And we were looking at some pictures of my parents from when they were at UGA.  Homecoming pictures.  Which is weird. 

Then it turns out that I am part of some sort of covert operation, there are bad guys, and I’m with the good guys and we are trying to foil their plans or something.  We are trying to get pictures inside this place, and we are trying to make sure they don’t know who we are.  But I know who the bad guys are and I’m pretty certain they know who I am as well – or at least some of them do.  Either way, I’m trying to keep a low profile. 

So I end up getting stuck in the bad guys headquarters, but they don’t know I’m there – I’m hiding.  And I hear some stuff and take some pictures and I really need to get out of there to get back with the other good guys.  And the headquarters is in a public place, like a mall or something. I’m able to sneak out of the restricted area I’m not suppose to be in, but then I have to nonchalantly walk to my car, but I don’t know where my car is – or even if it is there at all.  But I do have my keys and my pocketbook.  While I’m wandering around trying to get the hell out of there before I’m spotted and still keep a low profile a public transportation bus pulls up.  Since I’m so anxious to get out of there I hop on the bus, thinking maybe this is the best way to blend. 

I’m on the bus, trying to act normal, and the guy sitting next to me starts harassing me.  Like, trying to dig through my backpack, and grab my ankle and stuff.  And I know he is one of the bad guys – I recognize him.  I’m freaking out, and trying to get away, and I yell to the driver that I’m being molested, and the driver says he will call the police for me, but I don’t want to get the police involved, because I’m trying to keep a low profile, and I keep trying to stand up and move to another seat and the driver keeps telling me I can’t stand up when the bus is moving so for me to sit down and shut up or he is going to call the police anyway.  And the bad guy is like, yeah, call the police. 

And then I woke up. 

Obviously I have an overactive imagination.  I need to get a grip. 

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