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It was orange and big and full.  And I’m still having crazy dreams.  I know y’all get tired of me writing about them, but I can’t help it. 

Last night the people in my dream where Libby and Robert – Libby and I had met Robert somewhere to go skiing.

Oh, and Emily was in my dream too, Emily lived in the place where we were skiing.  It was a really small town, and it was my birthday, but my birthday cake said happy birthday jennifer, and I ate the whole thing.  It was a little cake.  Something scandalous had just occured in the town and all the locals were kind of on edge.  And Emily wanted to tell us about the scandal but couldn’t because we were in a crowded restaurant. 

  Then Robert had to go back to Japan, and Libby and I were going to continue our travels to my parent’s mountain house.  And there were new  ski resorts being built on the side of the mountain that you could see from the road- but they didn’t look right, they looked like a fair being set up on the side of the mountain with lots of big colorful tents and stuff, and chairlifts.

But then Libby realized that she had to be somewhere else and caught a ride back somewhere and I continued on to the mountain house by myself.  It was at my parent’s mountain house, but it didn’t look like our mountain house and it was in Colorado instead of Georgia.   

And Briscoe was at the house with me, and for some reason she had to stay in the basement (the real house doesn’t have a basement). So I was suppose to be with Libby, but I was alone with Briscoe.  And Mama kept calling to check on us, and I didn’t want to tell her it was just me in the house by myself in the woods because I knew it would bother her, but I also didn’t want something to happen to me. 

And then all the sudden there was a knock at the door that scared me to death.  Briscoe had somehow or another gotten out of her cage in the basement and out of the house and a nice neighbor had found her. 

That is all I can remember. 

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