Archive for May 2nd, 2007

–  Have a mosquito bite on the inside of the wrist. 

–  Put a heavy overnight bag on a sunburned shoulder.

–  Get into a car that has been baking in the hot sun.

–  Need to put my hair in a ponytail because it is making the back of my neck hot and sticky. 

–  Walk barefoot on hot pavement.

–  Drink beer quickly before it gets too hot. 

–  Eat homemade strawberry ice cream directly out of the churn. 

–    Feel hot water run on your toes from a garden hose that has been laying in the sunshine. 

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Office Chatter

Me:  I want to hook diet coke up to an IV

Heather:  I’m pretty sure if I were to be cut I would bleed diet coke at this point.

Me:  NICE.

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