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this is my very first blog ever…so bare, with me….i’m a little nervous….

don’t judge! …mka 🙂

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girl dates

so this might not be charlsie….

BUT…this might just be one of her very best friends. and definitely one of her very best dates. after all, we’re on our number 4…officially.

currently, charlsie is killing mosquitoes with her bare hands. so, i….molly allen, have decided to take over her blog. wow…what a privilege.

so tonight’s topic is…people getting married. we are in st. simons getting ready to celebrate the wedding of ashley and otis. it’s so wonderful. when two people decide that it is right and perfect to get married and spend their lives together. especially two people like otis and ashley. because they are one wedding we all definitely approve.

but, the big question for the blog viewers is…when should charlsie and i have a “DTR”. for those of you who don’t know what that means….welcome to the 21st century. it means to “define the relationship.” let’s say that charlsie and i have basically been going on dates for the past 25 years of our lives. but exclusively, we have been dates for the past 4 weddings/wedding events. does that constitute a conversation??? should one of us taken the reigns and picked up the tab at mullet bay tonight???

ok…yes, i’m just kidding. but you know that it is quite a feat when two friends…who, keep in mind, have been through many different situations in life, can come together and still want to be each other’s dates to weddings…even if boyfriends are in the picture.

THAT, my friends, is a testament to TRUE friendship. so…here’s to charlsie kate paine and molly kathryn allen..and the many years of friendship that are to come and have been…and to all the good friends around. way to go!

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