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One of my day dreams is that I am famous and part of my job is to be in terrific shape.  I don’t want to be famous, I just want "working out" to be in my job description to a point where I could justify devoting a great deal of time and money to my workout.  For some reason the only job I can come up with that would allow me to do this is being famous.  I don’t want to be required to train for a sporting event.  I want to work out for the sheer purpose of looking great. 

I would own a gym that would have lots of trampolines, round ones, long tumble track ones, bouncy ones, taunt ones.  And they would all be in the floor.  And mats all over the place.  I would also have a big padded floor with a mirror in the middle.  Basically I would have my own gymnastic training center, but it would used exclusively for tumbling, bouncing, and stretching.  We might have some treadmills, but probably not.  Since this is my fantasy, the training facility would be situated next to some wooded trails on rolling hills.  And if I’m really feeling rich in my dream, at least one side of my gym/warehouse would open up like a garage door, revealing said woods, you know, for pretty days in the fall and spring, or even summer depending on where my fantasy is located.  Sometimes is it Georgia, sometimes Colorado.  Sometimes elsewhere. 

Since I’m rich and famous, I would have a couple of people who worked for me, probably part time, but maybe full time.  I would want a tumbling coach, nothing too fancy, I don’t want to do crazy things, but just someone to watch and offer suggestions and help.  Maybe bounce on the trampoline with me. 

Oh, and there would be a sweet stereo system that blasted lots of fun music.  People could bring their iPods. 

I would also have a yoga instructor on staff.  Once again, I don’t need the best in the land, I would be happy with a college student who taught yoga on the side.  My roomie in college, Betsy,  was (is)  an aerobics instructor and she could kick my butt all day long. 

I would want my friends to come work out with me.  I get bored by myself.  It could be lots of fun. 

I would have a poweraid fountain, and lots of luna bars and pria bars and fresh fruits. 

And those big fans.  And shoes would be prohibited, along with cell phones. 

We would do handstands and backflips to our heart’s content. 

It would go something like this –


Tramp Tramp3

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When I walked out of my house yesterday morning I swear I heard someone whistling at me.  You know the whistle, the whooo-wheet- whoow, the whistle of a compliment or a catcall.  I looked around.  There was no one in my yard to have executed such a whistle.  Five seconds later a mocking bird broke into a repetitive song sounding very much like the whistle I had just heard. 

The mockingbird was hitting on me!

The month of June this year is going to be quite full of itself.  There are five weekends in June, which means that you could technically attend five different weddings this month.  I was only invited to four weddings during June, and I’ve already missed the first one, and I will also miss the last one.  But it is possible. 

In addition to being full of weddings, June has two full moons.  This past Friday night was a full moon, and June 30th is a full moon.  I have crazy dreams during full moons.  I don’t recall the moon on Friday night, but on Thursday night when we were at the baseball game the moon was orange and almost full.  I’m always surprised by how much light a full moon provides, and in turn, how pitch black a night can be without a moon.  You would think at 26 years of age I would have come to terms with this natural phenomenon. 

I heard this weekend that the smoke from the forest fires in South Georgia had blown as far north as Macon and turned the moon all crazy colors of red. Which is really scary.  I believe the fires are under control now, but I’m a little worried about all the displaced wildlife.  With the drought and all the lost habitat in the swamp, I think that Loch Laurel could become a popular vacation destination this summer for alligators.   

My yard smells wonderful.  The gardenias and magnolia are blooming.  Gardenias are so pretty and smell amazing outside.  But if you pick more than one of them and bring them inside, the fragrance is overpowering and sickening after a while.  One blossom can make your entire house smell amazing.  I prefer the smell of gardenias when there is a hot breeze blowing around.  It reminds me of happy summer night times of drinking beer and  laughing. 

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