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Remember when I said the spider’s name was Larry?  That is so not right.  HER name is Laree.  My bad.  SHE is very pretty.   

Apparently the females are the only ones who spin webs.  Also, the males frequently die in the mating ritual.  Hmm.  That sucks. 

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Spider Update

I emailed my clever friend Josh, who is a professor and expert on all things outdoors about the spider.  Josh was getting his PHD in bugs and forestry, or something like that, when I was in law school.  He has a bunch of degrees in zoology and geology and entomology.  Basically, he knows what he is talking about when it comes to spiders. 

He said that the spider wouldn’t bite me unless I picked it up and aggravated him, and then, even if he did bite me it wouldn’t hurt that bad.  Like a mosquito bite.  He also said that this kind of spider can be really pretty, and that they eat mosquitoes and gnats.  So he is probably a good spider to have around. 

I’ve decided to keep the spider around.  As it turns out, his name is Larry.  He likes it in the back yard.  I went to visit him this morning and his web is quite impressive.  Looks like he’s already taken care of a few mosquitoes that might have tried to chomp on me.  His web is in a good location too, I don’t actually have to walk right there for any reason.   

I would take a picture but I’m pretty sure that it wouldn’t show up right with my little camera.  So you will just have to take my word for it that he is very pretty, and having a good summer. If you happen to be around these parts, and want to see him, let me know and I’ll set up an appointment.  He’d like to make some nice friends in this area.   

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