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Kat tagged me in Four things about me, so here we go –

Four Jobs I’ve held –  (umm, well, I was in school a very long time…)

1.  Right now I write letters to prisoners as part of my job.  How’s that?  It takes me a while to get back to the people who abuse children.  Bottom of list of things to do. 

2.  I worked at the front desk of this Lodge in Colorado.  It is now closed down, which is terribly depressing and sad.  Libby and I daydream about buying the place and running it for the rest of our lives.  We only need $15 million to buy it, and a few more to fix it up.

3.  I worked in transportation at the Masters golf tournament.  I was a junior in high school.  It was our job to pick the golfer and his caddy up in the parking lot, and drive them 100 yards to the club house.  The other part of our job involved picking up the new cadillacs and other cars from the dealerships and driving them to the National at the beginning of the week, then driving them back at the end of the week.  I was coordinated enough to lock the keys into the cadillac that had all the spare keys in the trunk.  HOW WAS I SUPPOSE TO KNOW THE SPARE KEYS WERE IN THAT CAR?  Definitely the coolest job I ever had for a week. 

4.  I was in charge of Development for my sorority in college (obviously didn’t get paid, but more interesting than the law firm jobs I’ve had).  It was my job to make sure you weren’t drinking at events if you weren’t 21 and that there was no alcohol in the house.  This is a job that sounds like no fun.  And it did give me some nightmares.  But it challenged me and taught me that mutual respect is a very effective tool. 

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over

1. Mean Girls

2.  Out of Africa

3.  The Royal Tennenbaums

4.  Gone With the Wind

Four Places I’ve Lived

1.  Athens, Ga. 

2.  Rome, Italy

3.  Rome, Ga. 

4.  Grand Lake, Colorado

Four Places I’ve Vacationed

1.  Santiago, Chile

2.  Steamboat Springs, Colorado

3.  Saratoga Springs, NY

4.  Long Boat Key, Florida

Four of my favorite Dishes

1.  Anything with grits.  Salmon and grits, grits and sausage swirls, shrimp and grits, praline chicken and grits, etc. 

2.  A hot ham sandwich when the ham has just come out of the oven (and smothered in glace), on white bread with mayonnaise.  Preferably in my parents kitchen during the holidays when Libby and Jennifer and I have just returned from the bar. 

3.  Any salad I ever had in Greece – cucumbers, tomatoes, feta, yummy. 

4.  Birthday cake my mom makes.  Unbelievable. 

Four sites I visit daily

1.  Gmail.com

2.  Bloglines.com

3.  Weather.com

4.  Westlaw.com

Four Places I would rather be

1.  In the blue ridge mountains.

2.  In the rocky mountains. 

3.  On a boat, on the ocean or the lake. 

4.  At a cafe in Italy or Greece – drinking coffee or beer – people watching with people I miss.

I’m really bad about responding to these things, and I feel like the people who would have responded have already been tagged, so I’m not going to tag anyone.  Following directions has never been my strong suit.   


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…bought bananas and watched them turn brown without eating them. 

…left her clean clothes in the dryer. 

…never washed her car. 

…started blog posts, saved them as drafts, and never posted them for real. 

…never got around to framing things to hang on walls, such as diplomas, artwork, pictures. 

…lost netflix dvds.

…left coolers with beer and ice from saturday night outside until tuesday when the beer was hot and icky. 

…remembered it was trash day when the trash truck crashing down the street woke her up.   

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