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Happy Full Moon!

If y’all haven’t noticed, I like the moon, and I think that it is a good idea to evaluate your moods and overall feelings at least a month, so I think I’m going to start doing that sort of thing when there is a full moon.  Like today. 

Right now, I need to make some changes in my life.  I don’t feel particularly healthy.  I’ve been eating lots of rich and indulgent food and not working out.  And I’ve probably been drinking more alcohol than I should.  It just seems like there is always a reason for these things.  I was in New York weekend before last and I felt it was my duty to eat all the yummy things that New York has to offer while I was there.  When I got home, my grandfather died (he was sick and couldn’t breathe, he lived a full life, it is sad, but was expected, and I appreciate everyone’s condolences), so I spend three days sitting around my parents house receiving tons and tons and tons of what they call here in the south "comfort food" – which basically means it tastes great and will make you fat.  Then after I ate too much food I would sit around with my gazillion aunts, uncles, cousins, and family friends and drink beer and wine.  It was great to see everyone, but death and family are always stressful after a few days and I was exhausted when it was all over. 

And to top it all off, I haven’t wanted to work out recently.  I’m not sure why.  I want to blame it on the heat, but I know that isn’t the only reason.  I like running in the heat.  I also want to blame it on the fact that running through neighborhoods bores me, and that I miss running trails.  Augusta doesn’t have great running trails like Athens does, and being out in the woods was always a huge added bonus.  I guess sometimes you just go through phases.  I’m going to break out of this one today and go running if it kills me.

I’m not going to kill myself.  I know that in the past I have let a particularly bad run scar me, a run where I thought I would die and I kept pushing, and got overheated, or shin splints, or dehydrated to the point where I felt awful for the rest of the night.  When I have those bad runs I have to take the time to build back up and have a couple of good runs in my memory to erase the bad run. 

I need to be going to sleep earlier, and I need to get up earlier.  I need to wash my car and clean up my room.  Actually, I need to pack.  Because, guess what?  I’m moving!  I’m really excited about it – I’m moving in with one of my friends from Augusta who I’ve known forever and is super fun.  We are moving into a precious little house that her boyfriend bought (he likes where he lives).  It has a big kitchen and a deck and a yard and we are going to get a big tv and she has a dog, and I have a dog, and GUESS WHAT ELSE?  The house is right next door to one of my bestest friends from high school – Rachel – and her really great new husband!  Seriously.  I’m so excited.  And since I know I’ll be moving soon, I’ve started noticing the things I don’t like about where I live now.  Things that aren’t that big of a deal, things you can’t bitch and complain if you want to stay happy with your current situation, but once you know you are moving you can start to notice them.  Mostly I don’t like living by myself, and I’m really looking forward to having a roommate.  Briscoe is excited about having a doggie roommate too! 

It is so fun to have exciting plans.   

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