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JP and I went and saw Ratatouille last night.  It was a cute movie, as pixar movies tend to be.  The theater was SHOCKINGLY crowded – it was one of the little theaters, we guessed it was because the Harry Potter movie was using up all the big theaters.  Plus, there were tons of children.  I always forget that if you go see a children’s movie, any time before 10:30 pm, the place is going to be full of children.  But most of the children acted right the whole movie. 

Another observation, when I go to the movie with my parents, we get a large popcorn, and it is always gone before the movie is halfway over.  My dad eats most of it.  Which, we discovered last night, is actually very difficult to do.  We weren’t able to even eat half of the large popcorn.  Good thing they told us we could have free refills. 

Oh, and part of the movie I was drooling over the cartoon food that was being prepared.  The other half of the movie I was about to be ill thinking about all the rats in the kitchen.  It was all JP could do to watch the rat prepare food.  Especially right after he climbed out of the storm water sewer in Paris.  Everyone knows that European cities don’t have separate sewer systems. I mean, it makes sense, the cities are so old, there is no such thing as a storm water sewer.  There is just the SEWER.  Gah.  I have a hard time even typing the word.  That is why sometimes you get that foul stench in European cities.  (p.s. It it totally worth it!  I love Europe!  All of it!)

But I don’t necessarily love rats.  I don’t hate them like I hate roaches.  But I don’t love them either. 

I still think Monsters INC is the best thing Pixar has come up with so far. 

Because, obviously, Everyone Loves Monsters! 

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I think I jumped the gun on there not being a cold front – this morning was breezy and much cooler than usual, which is awesome. 

I had a terribly difficult time getting out of bed this morning.  I’m not sure when I’ve been in such a deep sleep.  When my alarm went off, my first thought was, AGGGHHH, WHAT IS THAT NOISE?  My second thought was – WHERE AM I?

It is always weird to wake up in your own bed and be really confused about where you are.  It is one thing to wake up at a hotel, or at a beach/mountain house and be temporarily confused, especially if beer was involved the night before.  But I didn’t have a drop of alcohol last night and I was asleep by 11:30, so I’m not real sure why this morning was so traumatic.  I was having very strange dreams when my alarm jarred my from my slumber. 

As I was getting into my car to drive to work, I felt like someone was staring at me.  So I looked up, and there was a sleek black cat with yellow eyes, sitting in the grass in front of my car, swishing his tail.  I told him good morning kitty kat, and continued on my way. 

A few minutes later the radio DJ told me that it was Friday the 13th – and a cold shiver went down my back, since everyone knows that black cats on friday the 13th are obviously witches in disguise. 

Or, maybe I’ve been reading too much Harry Potter in anticipation of the new movie (yay!  I’m waiting on jennifer to get back from the beach on sunday to go see it) and for the new book!  Can’t wait!

Speaking of – I reserved my copy, but now I’m going to be in New York when it comes out.  I need to change that. 

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