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Y’all know how I like the moon?  So, this weekend, I’m at a party, in Birmingham.  I’ve never been to Birmingham before, and I basically know nothing about the town.  The party is being thrown by my old roomie, and I know about three people other than the people I brought with me (Britt and Ross).  Well, so Britt and Ross and I are helping ourselves to the barbeque, along with some other guests we don’t know. 

(what I hear)
Random Girl #1:  Is it a full moon?
(What I almost say, but don’t, because, well, I don’t know these people):  No, actually the full moon won’t be until next week, it is actually a waxing gibbous. 
Random Girl #2:  Yes!  Full Moon downtown?  I think it is the best barbeque in town!  I haven’t had it in forever.  (and the conversation is launched into a long debate on which barbeque is the best in birmingham.)

At which point I realize that these girls are definitely not talking about the actual moon.  And the girl did not ask if it was a full moon, she asked if the barbeque was from Full Moon Barbeque.  These people were in no way concerned with what kind of phase the moon was in, and what’s more, if I had tried to tell them the phase of the moon, I’m fairly sure I would have freaked them out. 

Good thing I’ve perfected my social skills to the point where I know to keep my mouth shut. 

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What was that noise?

Briscoe got to stay with her Grandparents this weekend.  She had a lot of fun.  She and Bella got to romp around and chew on each other.  Briscoe smelled awesome when I picked her up yesterday.  So I gave her a bath.  As a reward for being such a good dog during her bath and this weekend, I decided to let her sleep on my bed.  I don’t normally let her sleep on my bed, for one thing my bed is about four feet off the ground, but more importantly I don’t want her to get so used to sleeping on the bed that she can’t sleep by herself anymore.  But every once in a while I let her sleep with me, she is so snuggly and sweet, and is normally really good at sleeping on my feet and not moving around too much. 

So last night, she snuggled in, and I snuggled in, and we both fell asleep.  A few hours later I awoke to a loud THUMPK! as my sweet snuggly dog rolled off the bed and hit the floor.   She limped off to her own little bed that is a little closer to the ground. 

I feel like a terrible dog parent.

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