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Briscoe didn’t eat breakfast this morning before I took her to get her hair cut.  I felt sort of guilty about this all day long, but she didn’t want to eat – and I couldn’t force her.  I figured if it was as traumatic as I was making it out to be – she would learn to eat when she was feed. 

I fed her when I got home, and after she sniffed around the house for a while to make sure the terrorists hadn’t infiltrated the place yet – she started eating.  I walked into her little room in the middle of her meal.  She stopped eating, looked up at me – stalked off into the living room, layed down – and let out a huge sigh.  Like – HHHHMMMMM-HHHHHHHmph. 

Seriously – did I really ruin her meal simply by being present?  I almost told her hair cut was ugly (which it kind of is) but I thought that might be a little below the belt. 

p.s.  As I walked out of my office today – I tingled with anticipation of the weekend and the football game.  GO DAWGS!  Call me if you are in athens! T-Paine and I will be drinking some cold beers.

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