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Things are falling these days.  Acorns, leaves, the temperature, walnuts. 

I awoke Saturday morning to the POP POP POP       POP, PLINK       CLICK of acorns on my roof and the air conditoner outside my bedroom window.  It is really loud.  I have to be careful with my bare feet when I walk through the backyard now, or I’ll stomp down on an acorn.  Oak trees don’t produce acorns until they are at least 20 years old, sometimes not until they are 50.  For more about the beloved oak – go here

My parents have a walnut tree in their front yard that shadows part of the driveway.  So when you back up into the turn around you hear the crunch of walnuts being crushed on the bricks.  When I was little I used to collect them and crack them open and try to eat them.  They never tasted very good, but it was entertaining.  My mom has a collection of walnuts from the front yard in plate that looks like it was made out of leaves in the living room of their house.  I like it.

It was really chilly this morning for the first time, and this is the first blustery day we have had so far.  I was starting to think October would be gone before we got some good fall weather.  I like seasons.   

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Travers W. Paine III

I know I’ve told y’all before about my dad’s fabled Georgia Florida touchdown in 1969.  Get pumped.  I’ve finally got it on youtube.  Well, I’ve got the 1983 Coors commercial that included the clip of the 46 yard touchdown.  Just in time for the 2007 World’s Largest Cocktail Party.  Yippee. 

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Dream Update

As we get dangerously close to a full moon (96% full tonight), my dreams get more real and more crazy. 

Last night I dreamed I was a professional surfer, on an all female surfing team.  And we were surfing in crazy waves, like it took us a good ten minutes just to get past the breakers.  So my dream was full of waves crashing down on top of me, while I tried to swim through them.  Sweet.  But at the same time I was there voluntarily and thought it was fun. 

In my dream I forgot to put on sunscreen before venturing into the water.  And I didn’t want to go all the way back in because it took me to long to get out there.  So I spent an hour with no sunscreen.  I think it was cloudy in my dream, and I know I had on a wetsuit, so it was really just my face. 

I ended up with a very bad sunburn on my face.  Those who know me, know I can look at the sun wrong and burn.  And I am very careful to not get burned, as skin cancer runs in my family. 

Very vivid dream.  Very confusing.  (for the record, I don’t know how to surf, never really even tried). 

It is dark and rainy here today.  But cooler than yesterday. 

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I’ve told y’all before they are working on my building. 

Apparently the workers have disturbed a hornets nest. 

There is a mob of angry hornets swarming around my window, making noise, chasing each other, and slamming into the wimdow. 

It is sort of freaking me out. 

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This week is gross.  I’ve been out of the office recently for weddings and a seminar, and I have lots to do.  Compound that with the fact that it is 75 degrees cloudy, with a 40 percent chance of rain all week and I get sort of grumpy.  Not even a thunderstorm to look forward to – or even a downpour.  Just Muggy, sticky, dark days that remind me that the sun is setting earlier and earlier every day. 

If you found that paragraph as depressing as I did – read this – it will make you laugh.  (compliments of the Quail).

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Sacrifice the Body

I’m exhausted.  I went to weddings the past two weekends, and this past weekend I stayed up WAYYY too late.  Friday night I’m blaming it on the groom, which I think validates my lack of sleep, but Saturday was pretty much my own fault.  But it was really fun and worth it.  I’m just now paying the price. 

I’ve been rather slack in my work out routine as of late, and it was cloudy and muggy when I got home from work this afternoon.  And I’m still tired.  But I have real guilt issues with not working out, mostly associated with how my mental happiness has a direct correlation to how often I’m breaking a sweat. 

So I decided to play tennis on the nintendo Wii instead of going to run.  You know, for exercise. 

Well, I broke a sweat all right.  I might have also broken my hand on a piece of furniture.  And I’m pretty sure I threw out my arm.  And stomped on my dog a few times. 

But it sure was fun!  Then Britt came home and I smoked her in the two player tennis. 

Then she beat me in the Wii play shooting game.  I’m convinced my controller had a low battery. 

Wanna play?

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Be careful, I’ll cut you.

I was talking to my boss on Monday.  He was asking me about my birthday (I was at a conference when my actual birthday happened last week).  His secretary chimed in with the information that my birthday adds up to my age, which led to a conversation about how I am 27, and when I turn 30 on 10-10-10, I’m having a big party. Then the conversation took a turn. (he’s a big teaser, so he was definitely kidding)

Boss:  Well Charlsie, I doubt your parents give you a hard time about this, but your getting on up there, maybe you need to get more serious.  Do you need for us to start setting you up on dates?  Have you considered the internet?

Me:  Look, I just had a birthday, my best friend from college got married last weekend, and my best friend from home is getting married this weekend, I swear, this is not the day to start picking on me about getting married and being left behind.  I’m in a feisty mood, and I’ll hurt you. 

Boss:  Hahahahaha.  I can’t imagine why you are still single. 

(on a side note, at the wedding this past weekend (which was really a whole lot of fun) I ran into my sweet friend Keri from college.  Keri is a social worker in the ATL , at an intercity hospital, and she works with HIV/AIDs patients.  Any one who does what she does deserves a HUGE medal and an applause from everyone in the world.  She is a saint.  Well, Keri told me that she reads my blog, and that sometimes it is the only thing she has to smile about all day.  Which, I have to admit, really touched me.  And made me want to post more often, and to be more funny.  But alas, this is the best I can do this week.  So, Keri – this one is for you.  Everyone, if you have a second, leave Keri a comment telling her how much you appreciate what she does, because she is truly in the salt mines of human suffering every day.) 

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Enjoyable Monday

Today is Columbus day, and since I work for the government, I have the day off.  I’m currently sitting in my backyard with my dog, and a diet coke, enjoying the sunshine and flicking bugs off my computer screen.  I cooked an omelet for breakfast and drank some coffee. 

My mind is pleasantly blank.  I need a nail file.  I wish it was five degrees cooler.  I’ve decided the big old tree in our backyard is a sweetgum tree.  I’m always amazed how low planes fly over your house when you live a quarter of a mile from the airport.  I love how Briscoe loves to eat ice and chew on leaves. 

Oh, and we have a ton of leftover beer.  If I was any less disciplined, I would be tempted by the full cooler in my direct line of vision.  Instead, I’m going to be healthy and go for a run somewhere pretty.

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This was the point in the game where things really got fun.  Like, one of the most fun games I’ve ever been too.  Last Saturday was a total blast, from start to finish.  If only all football game days could be so full of great friends, great football, great food (you would be grossed out if I told you all the things I ate), great drink (or drank for that matter), great weather, coupled with no obligations and little stress.  Most of the time you get a few of these things, but very rarely do the stars align for such an all around super fun, no drama, happy day (Although, I would say the weekend before in tuscaloosa was a close second.  It’s been a good year).  I love fall.

(p.s. my parents seats are on the 15th row behind the georgia bench, so we had this performance upclose and personal, and not on the big screen.  It was awesome.  Too bad the game wasn’t televised.)

GA Bulldogs – Soulja Boy

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My birthday isn’t until next wednesday (10/10/07, aka 10+10+07 = 27)  but I’m having a joint birthday party with Britt and Paige tonight!  Yay! 

Some of my most favorite people are going to be there and I’m super pumped.  Kate is making us a cake, and the dogs are getting a bath.  We’ve been hanging pictures and dusting and buying pumpkins and beer and wine and margarita mix and chips and lots of other awesomeness.  Britt got a margarita machine for her birthday and she is also in possession of a karaoke machine.  Ross is bringing over the Wii for the big screen, and I’ve been making playlists on itunes.  The hottub has been drained, disinfected, and filled with clean water (did I tell y’all we have a hottub?  Hah.  It’s awesome, we haven’t used it yet because we hadn’t gotten around to cleaning it from the previouis owners.  But tonight seems like a good night).  Oh and coolers.  And ice.  Kate claims to have purchased some tall pink candles that burn like sparklers.  Fire is so fun.   

The only dark spot is that it might rain.  Sniff.  Pray it doesn’t!  Oh, and I don’t know what I’m going to wear yet.  GAH!   

I’m very happy.  I wish you could all be there. 

If you happen to be in the garden city tonight, come on over!  Here’s to hoping our neighbors don’t kill us!

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