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Sacrifice the Body

I’m exhausted.  I went to weddings the past two weekends, and this past weekend I stayed up WAYYY too late.  Friday night I’m blaming it on the groom, which I think validates my lack of sleep, but Saturday was pretty much my own fault.  But it was really fun and worth it.  I’m just now paying the price. 

I’ve been rather slack in my work out routine as of late, and it was cloudy and muggy when I got home from work this afternoon.  And I’m still tired.  But I have real guilt issues with not working out, mostly associated with how my mental happiness has a direct correlation to how often I’m breaking a sweat. 

So I decided to play tennis on the nintendo Wii instead of going to run.  You know, for exercise. 

Well, I broke a sweat all right.  I might have also broken my hand on a piece of furniture.  And I’m pretty sure I threw out my arm.  And stomped on my dog a few times. 

But it sure was fun!  Then Britt came home and I smoked her in the two player tennis. 

Then she beat me in the Wii play shooting game.  I’m convinced my controller had a low battery. 

Wanna play?

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