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Be careful, I’ll cut you.

I was talking to my boss on Monday.  He was asking me about my birthday (I was at a conference when my actual birthday happened last week).  His secretary chimed in with the information that my birthday adds up to my age, which led to a conversation about how I am 27, and when I turn 30 on 10-10-10, I’m having a big party. Then the conversation took a turn. (he’s a big teaser, so he was definitely kidding)

Boss:  Well Charlsie, I doubt your parents give you a hard time about this, but your getting on up there, maybe you need to get more serious.  Do you need for us to start setting you up on dates?  Have you considered the internet?

Me:  Look, I just had a birthday, my best friend from college got married last weekend, and my best friend from home is getting married this weekend, I swear, this is not the day to start picking on me about getting married and being left behind.  I’m in a feisty mood, and I’ll hurt you. 

Boss:  Hahahahaha.  I can’t imagine why you are still single. 

(on a side note, at the wedding this past weekend (which was really a whole lot of fun) I ran into my sweet friend Keri from college.  Keri is a social worker in the ATL , at an intercity hospital, and she works with HIV/AIDs patients.  Any one who does what she does deserves a HUGE medal and an applause from everyone in the world.  She is a saint.  Well, Keri told me that she reads my blog, and that sometimes it is the only thing she has to smile about all day.  Which, I have to admit, really touched me.  And made me want to post more often, and to be more funny.  But alas, this is the best I can do this week.  So, Keri – this one is for you.  Everyone, if you have a second, leave Keri a comment telling her how much you appreciate what she does, because she is truly in the salt mines of human suffering every day.) 

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