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Things are falling these days.  Acorns, leaves, the temperature, walnuts. 

I awoke Saturday morning to the POP POP POP       POP, PLINK       CLICK of acorns on my roof and the air conditoner outside my bedroom window.  It is really loud.  I have to be careful with my bare feet when I walk through the backyard now, or I’ll stomp down on an acorn.  Oak trees don’t produce acorns until they are at least 20 years old, sometimes not until they are 50.  For more about the beloved oak – go here

My parents have a walnut tree in their front yard that shadows part of the driveway.  So when you back up into the turn around you hear the crunch of walnuts being crushed on the bricks.  When I was little I used to collect them and crack them open and try to eat them.  They never tasted very good, but it was entertaining.  My mom has a collection of walnuts from the front yard in plate that looks like it was made out of leaves in the living room of their house.  I like it.

It was really chilly this morning for the first time, and this is the first blustery day we have had so far.  I was starting to think October would be gone before we got some good fall weather.  I like seasons.   

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