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Enjoyable Monday

Today is Columbus day, and since I work for the government, I have the day off.  I’m currently sitting in my backyard with my dog, and a diet coke, enjoying the sunshine and flicking bugs off my computer screen.  I cooked an omelet for breakfast and drank some coffee. 

My mind is pleasantly blank.  I need a nail file.  I wish it was five degrees cooler.  I’ve decided the big old tree in our backyard is a sweetgum tree.  I’m always amazed how low planes fly over your house when you live a quarter of a mile from the airport.  I love how Briscoe loves to eat ice and chew on leaves. 

Oh, and we have a ton of leftover beer.  If I was any less disciplined, I would be tempted by the full cooler in my direct line of vision.  Instead, I’m going to be healthy and go for a run somewhere pretty.

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