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Travers W. Paine III

I know I’ve told y’all before about my dad’s fabled Georgia Florida touchdown in 1969.  Get pumped.  I’ve finally got it on youtube.  Well, I’ve got the 1983 Coors commercial that included the clip of the 46 yard touchdown.  Just in time for the 2007 World’s Largest Cocktail Party.  Yippee. 

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Dream Update

As we get dangerously close to a full moon (96% full tonight), my dreams get more real and more crazy. 

Last night I dreamed I was a professional surfer, on an all female surfing team.  And we were surfing in crazy waves, like it took us a good ten minutes just to get past the breakers.  So my dream was full of waves crashing down on top of me, while I tried to swim through them.  Sweet.  But at the same time I was there voluntarily and thought it was fun. 

In my dream I forgot to put on sunscreen before venturing into the water.  And I didn’t want to go all the way back in because it took me to long to get out there.  So I spent an hour with no sunscreen.  I think it was cloudy in my dream, and I know I had on a wetsuit, so it was really just my face. 

I ended up with a very bad sunburn on my face.  Those who know me, know I can look at the sun wrong and burn.  And I am very careful to not get burned, as skin cancer runs in my family. 

Very vivid dream.  Very confusing.  (for the record, I don’t know how to surf, never really even tried). 

It is dark and rainy here today.  But cooler than yesterday. 

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