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I’ve told y’all before they are working on my building. 

Apparently the workers have disturbed a hornets nest. 

There is a mob of angry hornets swarming around my window, making noise, chasing each other, and slamming into the wimdow. 

It is sort of freaking me out. 

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This week is gross.  I’ve been out of the office recently for weddings and a seminar, and I have lots to do.  Compound that with the fact that it is 75 degrees cloudy, with a 40 percent chance of rain all week and I get sort of grumpy.  Not even a thunderstorm to look forward to – or even a downpour.  Just Muggy, sticky, dark days that remind me that the sun is setting earlier and earlier every day. 

If you found that paragraph as depressing as I did – read this – it will make you laugh.  (compliments of the Quail).

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