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This was the point in the game where things really got fun.  Like, one of the most fun games I’ve ever been too.  Last Saturday was a total blast, from start to finish.  If only all football game days could be so full of great friends, great football, great food (you would be grossed out if I told you all the things I ate), great drink (or drank for that matter), great weather, coupled with no obligations and little stress.  Most of the time you get a few of these things, but very rarely do the stars align for such an all around super fun, no drama, happy day (Although, I would say the weekend before in tuscaloosa was a close second.  It’s been a good year).  I love fall.

(p.s. my parents seats are on the 15th row behind the georgia bench, so we had this performance upclose and personal, and not on the big screen.  It was awesome.  Too bad the game wasn’t televised.)

GA Bulldogs – Soulja Boy

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My birthday isn’t until next wednesday (10/10/07, aka 10+10+07 = 27)  but I’m having a joint birthday party with Britt and Paige tonight!  Yay! 

Some of my most favorite people are going to be there and I’m super pumped.  Kate is making us a cake, and the dogs are getting a bath.  We’ve been hanging pictures and dusting and buying pumpkins and beer and wine and margarita mix and chips and lots of other awesomeness.  Britt got a margarita machine for her birthday and she is also in possession of a karaoke machine.  Ross is bringing over the Wii for the big screen, and I’ve been making playlists on itunes.  The hottub has been drained, disinfected, and filled with clean water (did I tell y’all we have a hottub?  Hah.  It’s awesome, we haven’t used it yet because we hadn’t gotten around to cleaning it from the previouis owners.  But tonight seems like a good night).  Oh and coolers.  And ice.  Kate claims to have purchased some tall pink candles that burn like sparklers.  Fire is so fun.   

The only dark spot is that it might rain.  Sniff.  Pray it doesn’t!  Oh, and I don’t know what I’m going to wear yet.  GAH!   

I’m very happy.  I wish you could all be there. 

If you happen to be in the garden city tonight, come on over!  Here’s to hoping our neighbors don’t kill us!

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