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Fall Apart

When I walked outside this morning it was all I could do not to call in sick.  The wind was blowing in gusts through the trees and I was conscious of my bare feet for the first time in months.  All I wanted to do was make some coffee, grab my novel that I started at the beach this weekend, and sit out on my back deck with the dogs wrapped in a blanket. 

I didn’t spend anytime in the mountains this summer (since my dad sold our childhood vacation home this winter, I’m still a little bitter).  The only somewhat cool weather I experienced all summer was in new york, and then it wasn’t cold, just, not hot.  Of course, by cold, I mean, below 70 degrees.  So let’s just say I miss it. 

This morning it had to have been at least 60 degrees or colder.  Too bad I overslept and was in a hurry and didn’t have time to enjoy it.  I’m so excited about FALL!

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Lauren:   I was cleaning out some stuff at my parents house recently and I found a picture of you from high school. 

Me:  Really?

Lauren:  Yes, it was from yearbook, and on the back you wrote – "Dear Lauren, you are such a bitch and that is why I love you." 

Me:  Hahahaha.  I thought I was so funny. 

Jennifer:  What do you think that statement says about your choice of friends?

Me:  Nothing good. 

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