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Go Dawgs!

How do you feel about baseball? My favorite things about baseball involve memories of watching the braves on tbs with my grandmother – Mama Two saw EVERY game, sitting out behind my high school during a freak march snowstorm watching my brother play first base,drinking beer in law school at turner field with the skyline of the ATL in lights, and thirsty thursdays in augusta.

Beyond that – baseball has me a little lost. In all honesty I have a hard time following sports that I never played, and I find baseball quite boring at times.

But I have been captivated by this UGA/Ga Tech baseball game tonight. I mean. We look GOOD! It is always fun to watch your team stomp on a rival. I was planning on going to sleep hours ago. But with baseball – you just never know what can happen.

It makes me miss athens in the summertime something fierce. I lived a fourth of my life there. I am not over it yet.

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The other day I was sitting under the pergola with my parents in the Adirondack chairs.  My dad wanted to know why the bottom of my feet were so dirty.  My mom told him that the bottom of my feet were always dirty because I never wear shoes. 

My inclination towards barefootedness allows me an extra sensory receptor neglected by most people.  Namely, I know what the ground feels like. 

Briscoe likes me to come out into the backyard with her at night. Grayson will go out into the backyard by himself and take care of things, but Briscoe will sit at the back door until I walk out into the yard with her. In the winter when it is cold I wear my uggs to walk Briscoe, because they are easy to take on and off.  Or I walk out in my sock feet.  I also spend a lot of time in my barefoot dreams robe. 

The nights for uggs and socks are long past.  My robe is still useful, but the day will come soon when it will be too hot even in the morning and the late night for the robe.  The wooden planks on the deck, although too hot to stand still on in the middle of the day, cool quickly when the sun sets and are pleasant to walk across at night. 

The stepping stones through the grass and the concrete parking pad retain the sun's heat much better than the wood and radiate warmth late into the night.  I can tell the difference between a cloudy cooler day and a sunny hot day by the temperature of the concrete.  My feet have been telling me recently that it is getting hotter by the day. 

In other summer related news, I've been swimming a lot.  Since I have had my eyes lasered, swimming is so much more fun.  Briscoe likes to swim too.  She just got her hair cut and dries off quickly. 

Emily and Greg got married this weekend, and I was dog sitting for Kate and Trav, so I thought it was a good idea to invite everyone from the wedding over to their house for a pool after wedding party.  We had a big time and stayed up ENTIRELY too late.  When I went out to the backyard on Sunday morning I found a tie, a tshirt, a sock, the back of a cell phone, and some raybans.  Like I said, we had a big time. 

I am going to New York on Thursday!  Get excited!

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