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On Friday the air conditioner in my car stopped working.  So I took it to my friendly mechanics – hoping that they would tell me that I just needed some Freon or however you spell it.  Turns out my thermostat was broken, so my car didn't know it was overheating.  LUCKILY it didn't overheat for too long and nothing else was damaged. 

I spent the weekend studying for the South Carolina bar, which I'm taking in July.  My biggest concern, besides the obvious problem of having too much material and not enough time or attention to learn it all, is that I have to hand write the exam.  For six hours, two days in a row, I will have to be handwriting essays.  And as of right now I can only handwrite for about 15 minutes before my hand starts to cramp up.  So I'm going to have to write a lot in the next few weeks and teach my hand to write for long periods of time.  Wish me luck. 

Last night we had father's day.  My parents just bought a green egg, so I spent a few hours learning how to adjust the temperature through the opening and closing of the various vents.  I sort of burned the ribs, but I didn't ruin them.  I'll do better next time.  It was fun. 

This morning I got to work and turned my computer on.  And I waited.  And waited.  And waited.  And then I called IT.  No answer.  They called me back.  Can't fix it remotely, will put in a ticket for my computer.  Hours later someone comes up to look at it.  Can't fix it.  State computer, county IT guy.  Have to call the state IT and get someone over here to look at it.  But.  Probably broken. 

In the meantime of all this happening, I relocated to the senior judge's office.  He is only around when he has cases to try, so he isn't here this week.  He also never uses his computer anyway.  His office is also totally and completely FREEZING.  Finally I went and got my space heater from my office and plugged it in.  Things were going well.  For ten minutes. 

Then the fuse blew.  Great.  All I can say is that today was not the most productive day of my life. 

And my laptop is broken too.  I swear. 

In other news, did you see the US Open today?  Wow.  I was really hoping Rocco was going to pull it off.  But as Jennifer says – Tiger Woods – stealing the hope and crushing the dreams of other golfers since at least 1997. 

I think I'm going to go for a little run today.  It isn't near as hot, and I'm feeling pretty good. 

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