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I missed the cutoff to check my bag on my flight this morning by two minutes. Then I threw a fit at the ticket counter begging and crying to have them make an exception. They wouldn’t.
And the only real consequences are that it cost me an extra $50 and I will get into new york one hour later than expected. Which will make zero difference in my life or even my day.
Even so I fumed and stomped around and pouted. My mom, who dropped me off simply turned around and picked me up and we went to popeye’s and got a sausage biscuit and a coke then we drove through magnolia cemetary. Magnolia is the old augusta cemetary – mama’s grandparents and family are buried there. The magnolias are blooming right now. And the sweltering heat intensified the sweet magnolia infused breeze and the sunshiny shade of those ancient trees helped me get a grip on my frustration. June 5th is the day of Alice’s funeral – 28 years ago today – four months before I was born.
When I re-entered the airport I watched the families of fort gordon solider’s hug their sons/fathers/husbands goodbye at the security gate. Their departure from their loved ones made me even more ashamed by my childish behavior this morning.
A group of soliders are currently sitting behind me – and I am shocked, as always, by how young they look. I swear these boys can’t be 20 years old. But they appear to be in high spirits and I am impressed by their commitment and sacrifice.

Boarding soon – see you soon!

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