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Consumer Demand

We have a huge glass cookie jar where we keep the milkbones.  I like to keep it sort of full, because it looks silly with only a handful of milkbones.  When it is full it looks pretty – so I normally buy those big boxes of milkbones.   (btw – target sells milkbones at half the price of petsmart). 

This weekend I was pouring the big box into the glass jar, and I noticed that the milkbone colors were different.  There was no green milkbone!  Now, I've always seriously questioned the reasoning behind having a green milkbone in general, since I'm pretty sure I'm never had a dog who loved vegetables.  I wouldn't want a vegetable cookie as a treat, and I sort of doubt Briscoe would either.   She's never complained, but I always feel a little guilty when I give one dog a sausage milkbone and the other dog a vegetable milkbone. 

Well, I don't have to feel guilty anymore!  Right on the milkbone box it said – TWO NEW MEATY FLAVORS!  I guess the dogs of the world have spoken and have risen up to demand meaty treats over vegetable treats.  I don't blame them. 

But the green milkbones did give a color contrast to the glass jar that I'm going to miss. 

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