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 me:   did you read my blog today?

Jennifer:  yeah, and i didn't talk to shel silverstein on the phone
  you must have imagined that

 me: you said you did!
  you said he called

 Jennifer: i really don't think i said that
  i dont remember ever talking to him
i mean, i talked to some other people
  but i don't remember him being a client of carol's

(a quick search for Shel Silverstein in gmail reveals the following)


1 message

Jennifer Brown <jenniferbrown@gmail.com> Mon, Jun 5, 2006 at 3:51 PM

To: Charlsie Paine <charlsiekate@gmail.com>

I just talked on the phone to Shel Silverstein!

Jennifer Brown
cell 706.555.1569


me: BAM
  I love gmail

Jennifer: omg. didn't even remember that

   me: seriously
  I love him
  I remember

Jennifer:   crazy
  i can't believe i don't remember that
  i wonder what else I don't remember !

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Shel is my Hero

Did I ever tell y'all about how I have an obsessive personality?  No?  You've noticed?  Really?  My current obsession is Shel Silverstein.  I've been obsessed before, but not in a few years.  He's really awesome.  Jennifer talked to him on the phone one time in New York.  And you know, I've talked to her on the phone.  So, Shel and I have almost talked on the phone. 

For your viewing pleasure –

One More –

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