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The Grammys

I didn’t watch them last night, but I dvred it, and I watched it Monday night when everyone else was watching the press conference.  I care about the economy, but I spend a lot of time reading about it and was a little overloaded.  I wanted to be entertained, not frightening about my future. 

 I really enjoyed it.  I have pretty mainstream music taste, as Travers say, I have an ipod full of music that sucks.  But I love the people that were nominated.  I teared up when Sugarland won, and I about started bawling when Jennifer Hudson sang.  Al Green appeared to be having the time of his life (and I wasn’t sure if Justin was going to be able to resist making out with the Reverend), and Coldplay seemed genuinely happy and excited and maybe even grateful for winning, which I found refreshing.   I love Jason Mraz, and I really wish I had the Kid Rock album.  I love Miley, and Taylor Swift is my girl.   Umm, and the Jonas Brothers make me happy.  And they sang two of my favorite songs, ahhhh.  Stevie was slipping into the lava before he got superstitious.  Even my old childhood friends (David and Charles) were nominated (TWICE!).   Katy Perry seems like such a cool person.  She has the word Jesus tattooed on her wrist.  Her parents are evangelical ministers and her first album was a Christian album under the name Katy Hudson.  She said the tattoo reminds her of where she came from and what she can always go home to.  I’ve had her cd for a while, and now I like her even more than I did before.  I think we could be friends. 

And NEIL DIAMOND!  Singing Sweet Caroline!  I was instantly transported back to a karoke/oyster shack in panama city that only served high life beer by the pitcher with Sarah, Wes, Clint, Heath, and Emily. 

I love Alison Krauss, I think she is a musical genius, but she didn’t seem real happy to be there.  I want to believe that she is painfully shy, but she almost acted like holding the grammy award was beneath her.  I’m going to go ahead and give her the benefit of the doubt because of how her music has enriched my life, but it’s kind of hard. 

I think what I liked best about the Grammys was that an equal amount of respect was given to all genres of music, and how much fun everyone seemed to be having.  I assume that country music has been embraced because County music has the best fans in America and Nashville is a town to be reckoned with.  Lady Antebellum was nominated for Best New Artist overall, not just in country, which sort of goes to show you how big country music has become.  But I think it’s awesome that the rap stars and the country stars and the pop stars and the rock stars and everyone else hang out and enjoy each other on Grammy night.  I liked watching the guy from Green Day hug Alison Krauss.  For some reason that kind of cracked me up.  It just seemed like a happy fun event that the participants sincerely enjoyed.  And that is always entertaining.  I will always take Happy over Controversial any day. 

Britt and I have the exact music taste, it’s actually sort of creepy.  Sometimes we blast music in the house and sing at the top of our lungs.  We sound awesome.  Briscoe and Grayson love it when we sing.

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