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How fun is this?

Seriously, I love me some Bizzy Fain.  I got an email from her discussing plans for the Masters, which is extremely exciting.  The only way that I am suffering through the cold that is lingering around our subtropical locale is by thinking of the poor little flowers and how I don’t want them to bloom too early and miss their chance to be on television.  So emails abou the Masters are fun. 

But this little nugget of awesome was just received from the Bizzy.  http://wordsmith.org/anagram/.  You can put your name in it and it makes a list of anagrams.  Bizzy’s favorites for Charlsie Paine were – Peachier Nails, A Reliance Ship, and Cheap Airlines.  A couple more –  A Place Shinier, A Pelicans Heir.  Bizzy’s name makes much stranger phrases.  Like – A Nib Fizzy, and An By Fizz I.  If you add my middle name, Kate, then you get even better words – Cheapskate Airline, A Hairpiece Anklets, Teacake Plane Irish,Pancake Realise Hit. 

I’m thinking about what I’m going to give up for lent.  Maybe facebook.  I can’t decide.  I can’t believe it starts tomorrow!

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