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Betsy and I have been having a little reciprocal love on the blogs, which is probably only entertaining to the two of us, and for that I apologize.  But I do have a few more things to say about Betsy, in response to her last post about me

My law school friends referred to Betsy as the WGF, which stands for World’s Greatest Flirt.  And I learned a great deal about flirting from the Betsy, who is truly, a master.  She is such a phenomenal flirt, she once convinced a gay man to rent his house to her, instead of selling it.  The house was on the market, had a for sale sign in the yard, and was listed for something close to a million dollars.  Betsy called the man and flirted her way into a rental for herself and three other girls.  To this day, the house is still being rented to four girls, the original girls have slowly gotten married or moved away and have been replaced.  But I still have a key to this magical house, lovingly referred to as the Terrace. 

When the grass would get too long on the front lawn of the Terrace, Betsy would simply find some unsuspecting yard man during her afternoon run and convince him to stop by her house on his way home and mow the lawn real quick for $20.  Luckily, she is a bilingual flirt, and her Spanish has come in handy at such times.   

Did I mention the fact that Betsy is an aerobics instructor?  I’ve heard her step and her sculpt class are legendary.  I’ve heard, mostly because I’m too uncoordinated to do aerobics, and she has this horrible habit of teaching class at 6 am. 

Betsy taught me how to take the five extra minutes and ask about the sale price that rang up more than what was on the shelf, how to convince a mechanic to plug the hole in your tire for a $10 tip, and the best way to handle a server at a restaurant who is less than thrilled to be taking your order.  Betsy’s ability to handle people always amazes and inspires me. 

I wish we were eating lunch at five star, or the cafe at pharr, or the resort.  Sigh.  Another day.

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