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(I love bungalow houses, and I’m still in shock that I actually own one.)  Briscoe really likes the front porch.   The house!watchdogAnd since we haven’t moved in yet, she volunteered to wait on the front porch for you, in case I got tied up and missed you. 


She wasn’t sure what time you were going to show up, so she decided to get comfortable on the porch. 

come on in!

I made Briscoe her own key the other day, and she couldn’t wait to show you everything. 


Too bad Briscoe is a lazy puppy who can’t make it ten feet before laying down again. 


We have spent a lot of time planning and thinking about where everything should go.  She wants your opinion on where we should hang some pictures and what colors we should paint the walls, because she thinks you have great tastes. 

2nd bedroom

This is the bedroom that Briscoe wants.


She thinks a bed would look good right where she is laying.  There is good light, and you can see two doorways and make sure no one sneaks up on you. 

kitchen 1

The kitchen needs some paint like whoa(and a dishwasher, but don’t worry, it is in the dining room waiting to be installed), but Briscoe likes it because there is a door mat, and she thinks it sucks that there are so few rugs in this joint.  She keeps complaining, saying this place could use a pillow, or a couch, or SOMETHING fluffy and soft besides the freaking dog!


One thing that Briscoe and I agree about 100% is that this stove is a little out of date, and a strange size.   But since this picture was taken I’ve painted the hood with liquid stainless steel and it looks awesome. 

bar nook

Briscoe thinks the little nook is going to make an excellent bar.  I hope she’s already offered you a drink by this point in the tour, otherwise I’m disappointed in her hosting skills.  I bet she was drinking beer on the porch before you got there.  Booze Hound.


I hope she didn’t try to take credit for the chalkboard painted refrigerator.  All she did was bitch and complain that I was getting paint in her hair.  But she does agree it looks a lot better.

Wanna go upstairs

The steps are really steep so be careful!


The stairwell is sort of dark, and bright flashes can blind fuzzy headed dogs. 


The upstairs used to be a separate apartment and has a door that leads to nothing.  Apparently there were steps at one point, but now there is just a door, then a screen door, then air.  The bank made me nail it shut before they assist me in the purchase.  Briscoe thinks the fake carpet is super lame, and is trying to make do with door mat that is upstairs for some reason.  Maybe for the door to nowhere? 


This was the kitchen sink for the upstairs apartment.  It’s a nice bizarre addition to any home.  I bet she’s ready to show you backyard now.  You’ll have to go back downstairs, through the dining room and the kitchen to the back door –


And She’s probably going to stay on the steps, and let you go into the yard.  dscn1338

Notice our fabulous new fence, and the sweet carport that came FREE with the house. 


Some times the back screen door is hard to open, so Briscoe is going to hold it while you look around.  Oh, you have to leave?  She wants to show you one more thing in the front yard.

Blue Star Onions

Yay!  All my life I’ve wanted a yard with Blue Star Onion flowers!  The dreams you never knew could possibly come true!  I hope you can come back sometime when it’s not just Briscoe.  We can sit here and tell stories – stories

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