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I had one of those disconnected afternoon. I couldn’t focus and I was dwelling on things that are totally out of my control. Even more than dwelling, I was…not there.

Donna (our receptionist who doubles as a paralegal and document drafter – she can complete tasks in ten minutes that would take me an hour) and I decided that maybe the office had a carbon monoxide leak because we both had a bad case of the stupids.

After work I went to the mall. There were things I needed to buy. Instead I wandered around the bookstore and the sporting goods store for a.very.long.time. All I bought was some greeting cards for no one in particular, something I really don’t need.

I tried to order some hibatchi to go because of a weird craving. The restaurant within my acceptable radius only does sushi to go. Sad.

I (shockingly) didn’t have a wreck on the way home. I sat on my floor for a while, briscoe stared at me in the pounce stance. I contemplated whether I had a fever or not, thought I might be coming down with the flu.

I forced myself downstairs and into the backyard with B. She wanted to play. She barked, she hauled around the yard, she tried to bit me. And I had to laugh. I chased her around the yard for a while, then I got my book and a glass of wine and some cheese, and I sat in the backyard under the trees with the mockingbirds and the leafy greenness of spring.

Now I feel better. I’m watching Lost (I can’t watch it late at night, it scares me!), and once I eat something, I plan on going to sleep very, very, early.

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How is it already Thursday?  I literally can’t imagine where this week has gone.  Actually, when it comes down to it, I don’t know where this entire year has gotten off to.  It’s the middle of APRIL! 

The masters was tons of fun, I need to take a picture of my chalkboard fridge so you can see all the people who wrote messages and drew pictures.  It’s awesome.  Saturday night we grilled out, it was an overall team effort, and in my opinion, a great success.  The weather was absolutely perfect, minus the violent storm Friday night.  The flowers and the trees and the grass were all amazing.  I’ve been thinking about what my favorite flowers are, and I’ve decided that I can’t decide.  I LOVE wild azaleas – cause they look like monster honey suckles.  I think I need to plant a few in my new yard!

The weirdest thing I saw last week was a turtle get popped with a golf ball.  It was Wednesday, and the golfers were skipping the balls across the pond on 16(which is one of my favorite things about the whole week).  One of the skipped balls hit a turtle who was sunning himself on the edge of the pond directly below the green.  It made this weird thunk noise, and the turtle plopped into the pond.  A few thoughts.  Could the turtle have survived such a direct hit?  If he did die, would he have floated to the top? (that didn’t happen while I was watching).  If you were a turtle who grew up on the grounds of the augusta national (and trust me when I say there are a TON of turtles), would getting hit by a golf ball during the practice round of the masters be a good way to go?  Is that every turtle’s dream?

Anyway, this week it’s back to reality.  Monday was dark and rainy and I was running late all day long, and I had to go to Aiken, and the lights went out while I was in the Aiken Courthouse, and when I got outside I learned that all the lights were out everywhere, including red lights, which made getting home a lot more interesting.  I don’t know my way around Aiken yet, so I spend all my time lost and confused, and the non functioning red lights did not help.  But I’m learning!  I like to think I get better every time. 


The house is back to being a disaster area, Donald is painting the kitchen, and Briscoe has some oil based paint on her nose that could be there for a while.  Britt’s bachelorette is this weekend in St Simons, which should be lots of fun.   I haven’t been to the beach in a long time!


But right now I mostly need to wake up.   I don’t know why I am so sleepy, but this isn’t going to work. At least it is a beautiful day, I wish I was outside! 

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