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My parents yard is on the Sacred Heart Garden Festival this weekend.  hg


I wish I had a better picture of the yard, but I like this picture of Bo and Bella.  I just stopped by there and let me just say it was very hard to leave.  It’s a beautiful day, it is suppose to be a beautiful weekend, and if you are in the area, you should go check it out!

Also, I am totally obsessed with this new blog from Maira Kalman.  I have a copy of The Elements of Style that she illustrated and I love it.

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I know I’ve told y’all before how much I love coffee, but I just thought I’d remind you.  Lots of huge important things have happened this week, my car hit 180,000 miles, I won my first case, and I had to go back into my house the other day to get my shoes because I’d left home without them. 

How often do you get in the car and think, dang, I don’t have on any shoes!  I’ll have to go back into the house and get them?  Once a year?  Once a month?  Once a week?  Never?  Now that it has gotten warm outside I have revived my beloved habit of only wearing shoes when it is required by my job, the law, and/or to comply with social norms.  It’s awesome.  What isn’t awesome is that Donald and Ronald (my home repair people who are fixing all the things in my house that need fixing, and who I would be lost without) keep finding these HUGE metal roofing nails that the roofers left in my yard.  Those nails look like the quickest way to get lockjaw I can imagine. 

Briscoe has enjoyed having Donald and Ronald around (they are twins), and D & R have gotten pretty attached to Briscoe.  To the point where they have renamed her.  Her new name is Biscuit. And you know, she sort of looks like a little biscuit!  It’s the perfect new name for the fuzzy head. 

I almost stepped on a snake this morning right outside the front door of our office.  He was a really cute little green snake.  He told me his name was Lionel. 

Okay, I’m off to track down a judge and get my summary judgment motion signed!  Hooray!  And Molly is getting married this weekend!  And it’s suppose to be 90 degrees tomorrow!

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