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This week had it out for me. Briscoe felt the need to chew up and swallow most of an old wine cork, I got a giant nail in my back tire on Friday and didn’t realize it until I hopped in my car Monday morning (one of the perks of downtown living is car-free weekends), and I’ve had a horrific cold.

The beautiful thing about problems is that they help you appreciate the good stuff. Just in the last week, I’ve enjoyed local oysters with old and new friends in the beautiful city that has turned out to be a real home. Saturday, Jeff, Drew, Suzy, and I enjoyed a long lazy day of wandering around downtown, and we only broke two champagne glasses. We met up with Cara and Ashley later in the night, and shared with them the ridiculous thoughts we had developed over the course of the day, and I am thankful for their tolerance.

When I discovered my flat tire, sweet Denise came and got me and took me to work and picked me back up on a moment’s notice. After work, Paul was my tire changing hero. I was starving by that point, not having a car necessitated foraging lunch around the office and vending machines. Just when I was about to go pick something up, Caleb called, he was in town for a deposition that had just finished, and treated me to favorite place, The Macintosh. When I got home and realized Briscoe’s poor dietary choices, I texted Suzy, my bestiest vet buddy, who assured me that the fluffy dog should be fine.

By the end of the day, I felt extremely blessed with the best friends ever. Caleb asked me at one point if I ever felt lonely in Charleston. And I realized that lonely is one thing I never feel, and to ever end up alone I have to turn my phone off and lock my door. Which is exactly the way I like it.

This thanksgiving I am especially thankful for my parent’s good health. Everyday you are not at the hospital with a loved one is a day to be thankful. I’m thankful for my big headed dog, for all the happiness she brings into this world. I am thankful for my brother and sister in law, and all my friends near and far. And I am thankful for the copious amounts of food I am about to consume. Love y’all, I hope you day is full of turkey and pecan pie and good wine and roaring fires with the people you love, football, naps, old movies, old dogs, and the beautiful November late afternoon light. Oh, and ‘Merica, obviously.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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